the wanderin' blues

long time no see, bloggerinos!

since my last post a lot has happened. for one, I had my birthday, and it was awesomesauce. I went out to a fabulous and tasty dinner, visited the lovely most eastern point in north america, and had a sick kegger which I will share photos of soon. it was a great way to leave my first quarter-century behind.

the other big event is that I decided to take- and am currently in the middle of- a cross-country roadtrip with my bestie, Caitlintron! we're crossing most of Canada and part of the States, including the slight detour of heading to Kentucky to see the Eagles... only a slight detour, mind you.

right now we are in Montreal. I'm hoping to keep you updated on my adventures along the way, but since the first few of travel days weren't particularly photo-heavy, here's a little "ode to a Newfoundland summer" in the form of a cloudy day outfit. :)

blazer- zara // shirt- smart set // shorts- gap // boots- aldo 

summer in Sin City is often a string of humid, cloudy days punctuated with breaks of glorious sunshine. on the warm sunny days people flock downtown and to the park. on the not-so-sunny days, some of us still like to stroll downtown amongst the rainbow-coloured houses to get our fill of brightness. 
(I'm one of those.)

I love wandering around streets like Gower and Bond; it really feels quintessentially St. John's around there. and while I'm happy to get away for a while, I really do love my St. John's.

but now I'm off to explore a new Canadian city! 
WHAT UP, Montreal?!
I am what's up, Montreal. 


playing: little bit of red- Serena Ryder