welcome to the new age

well, that whole "consistency" thing went well.

whatevs! you guys are still here, I'm still here, I've missed you all, and that's what counts, right?... you are still here, right?


anyway, several important things I'd like to bring up.
in point form, because point form is both efficient and professional.

- my best friend Caitlin started blogging! she's the greatest, and probably the funniest person ever, so you might wanna check it out. also she's super pretty. like, the prettiest. it'll be so much fun to have a friend to do blogging stuff with!

- Parks and Recreation has taken over my life. I'm seriously dying laughing watching an episode right now. I want to own a book filled with Ron Swanson quotes and use it as a guideline for living my life.

- one week till my birthday. I will be 26 years old, meaning it's the last year my age will correspond to a letter of the alphabet. I'm out of letters, yo.
while being closer to the age of 30 than 20 makes me feel kinda lame (no offence, 30-year-olds, but my life is not exactly an accomplishment yet), I am planning a pretty fantastic week of celebrations for myself.
also, presents!

I originally wanted my birthday gift to be plane tickets somewhere, but that turned out to be more expensive than I hoped. so I have put together a more manageable wish list. :)

1. this amazing elephant-patterned summer dress that is so cute I could die. modcloth
2. a spring trench coat, like this perfect one with a skirted bottom. asos
3. mint green heels! spring
4. a pink eyelet dress, because there is not enough pink in my life right now. modcloth 
5. a cute summertime top, especially in an ice cream cone print! modcloth
6. this pretty button-back dress that reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. american apparel
7. a pair of white wedges
8. a sports bra, because exercising in a normal bra sticks. pun intended. lulu lemon

I also appreciate the idea of a Modcloth gift card, because let's face it, there are always a million things I want from Modcloth. I could get one of the things on the list above, or one of these many dresses that I pine over....

I think my favourites are numbers 2, 7, and 8. but really, how could you not love them all? 

I can't believe a whole year has come and gone already. seems like such a short time ago I was blogging about my sad little 25th birthday from Aberdeen. so much has changed since then, but I feel like nothing has really happened!
I'm older but probably not a whole lot wiser.
maybe wisdom comes when you turn 26. I'll have to wait and see.

stay tuned!

but right now I'm going to watch more Parks & Rec and make a birthday playlist.

love love,
still-feel-like-I'm-twelve Sarah

playing: bleeding out- imagine dragons