living in the beautiful wild

so, my new year's resolutions are going well!

since my last post a month has gone by, post-less, and I have used the extra time to neither play guitar nor travel nor read excessively. instead I used my internetless existence to re-watch eight seasons of Friends and take naps.
I am so productive!

but seriously, I was without internet access for all of february. Brando and I officially moved back to St. John's and into a snazzy new apartment. moving into a new place is always super stressful, but we're settling in nicely and I've been spending a lot of time with my friends. so things are going pretty well!

my wardrobe the past few weeks has consisted mainly of pyjama pants, sweaters, and cozy socks; alternating unpacking and lying on the couch doesn't really call for fancy dresses. 
yesterday Brando and I went on a little park outing to visit the ducks, and I didn't stray very far from my lazy wear! stretchy jeans and flannel, please. 

if you're going to leave your house in "loungewear" it's better to be more lumberjack than la senza. 

shirt- joe fresh // jeans- american apparel // boots- new look

I tried to fake-out the swan into getting a picture with me by pretending I had food in my hand. it kinda worked. except then I got a little nervous he was going to bite my fingers... swans are vicious, guys. 

but look, so pretty!

like tigers, or flying unicorns...

(hee hee, this duck has snow on his nose!)

some of these pictures look pretty snowy, but almost all the snow here is gone! we've had like two snowstorms a week since Christmas. it's almost all melted, but march always pumps out a blizzard or two. spring, pish-posh! 

it's still too cold to be walking around without a jacket. people in the park probably thought I was crazy. and I had to thaw my hands with a coffee after this. 

the things bloggers do for the sake of blogging...

thanks for sticking with me, guys! I hope to be a more frequent and fun part of your blogosphere from now on. 
enjoy the ducks. 
peace. ♥

playing: the beautiful wild- jenn grant


Unknown said...

I'm glad you're settling in nicely and are back to blogging! I like the picture you took with the swan! Luckily he didn't bite you. Swans and geese aren't nice!

Unknown said...

Swans are ferocious.