free fallin'

the St. John's weather is being sneaky. it's trying to trick us into thinking spring is on its way with mild weather and melting snow. we know better, St. John's. spring isn't till june around these parts.

this feels like the perfect time to buy a VW van with tacky curtains in the windows and start driving across north america. shop in thrift stores, take pictures at all the state lines, eat apple pie for dinner. the combination of joblessness, wanderlust, and sunshine has got me feeling like a bohemian or a nomad.

when you ask people about their hopes & dreams they tend to tell you about what they want to accomplish or obtain. people want a good job, or a well-paying job, or a job they love, or they want a nice house and a nice car and a nice tv. my dream job is one that allows for the most free time possible without having to sacrifice heat or internet. that's it. 

I just want to go places. I'm not sure I have a dream job or a life goal or real "plans." I don't want to be a person who lives in a haze of mediocrity from day to day, waiting for the weekend so they can muster up the energy to have some fun. I want to make silly stories and have adventures and see everything.

is there a job for that?

shirt- american apparel // hat + skirt- topshop // shoes- jeffrey campbell

if I could be anything I wanted I'd be one of those tv stock characters of the "free spirit" who travels the globe, easily finding laid-back short-term employment anywhere and making fabulous friends and sleeping in wheat fields. 
is that a legitimate profession?
maybe not. but maybe I'll get lucky and turn out to be another stock character, the girl who stumbles upon her perfect career path and lives contentedly in a converted loft.

forgive my random hippie ramblings. I've been fruitlessly job hunting for a long time, and turning into an arts major cliche is looking pretty good right now; and not the working-at-a-starbucks cliche. although even that has its appeal at this point. 

I'm getting tired of trying to convince people I'm good enough for jobs I don't even want. 

maybe I can be a pirate. they also get to wear fun hats. 

playing: feeling good- the sheepdogs


Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos. I love the rustic feel of them. The colors are stunning!

Unknown said...

I definitely feel you about the life goals thing. I've never been the type of person that dreams about working a specific job or will ever live for work. If I could just travel and work on my hobbies forever I'd be happy, but I'll work so I can do those things that make me happy!

I love the colors in this outfit and the pretty lighting in these pictures. I get a slight boho vibe from this outfit, but I think that may be your cute floppy hat!