I want it all

guys, I can't stop finding things I like!
I just posted my Christmas list yesterday and already I have a collection of dresses I'd like to add. I have to stop aimlessly browsing online shopping sites...

well, since I'm currently at Brandon's mom's place sans camera cord and thus contentless for the week, I decided to post these lovely additions.

one. this dress has everything I've been craving in my wardrobe this season; long sleeves, autumnal colours, and chiffon! Ruche.
two. I've never really succumbed to the sailor trend, but this dress is just darling. Modcloth.
three. more gorgeous chiffon in a floral print that would pair nicely with a warm blazer and thick over-the-knee socks! Ruche.
four. a perfect saucy, out-on-the-town number. love the sheer and sweetheart neckline combo. Urban Outfitters.
five. I'm crazy for red right now! this silhouette is sweet and classic. Modcloth.
six. a puppy print dress. need I say more?! Modcloth.
seven. I'm obsessed with this velvet floral frock; it's perfect for winter. Urban Outfitters.
eight. I'm loving warm autumn tartans with feminine details, and this dress is a steal! Ruche.

there you have it! maybe tomorrow I'll have even more things to add to my Christmas list, but for now I think I've provided Santa with enough options. ;)
soon I will have a camera again and will get back to real posts! I have lots of ideas, I promise. pictures out the wazoo. 
is that even how you spell wazoo?
happy weekend!

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that time of year

holla holidays!
yes that's right, I am officially declaring it holiday time. inform the masses!
it's halfway through November and that means I have every right to start planning Christmas parties and humming Christmas tunes. it's not too early. haters gon' hate.

and to kick off the holiday season, I have a special edition of friday favourites; my Christmas wish list!
it's rather large and incomprehensive- I keep thinking of things to add to it- but this is it. nothing fancy or specific this year, no big-ticket items. just regular, girly-girl wants.

1 & 15. records. I'm a total hipster and request vinyl in lieu of compact discs- they're so passe. currently I need Tegan & Sara and the new Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Fred's Records.

2. camera- print dress. the cutest of all cute things that I can't afford... I want this so bad. Modcloth.

3, 18, 24. tartan dresses. I am mad for plaid this season! especially with feminine details like chiffon, peter pan collars, and open backs. Mango, Rosie the Rebel, Urban Outfitters.

4. a coffee mug. coffee is awesome. funny things are awesome. therefore, this mug is awesome. Urban Outfitters.

5, 8, 21. skirts! skirts skirts skirts. please, I need skirts. full and flared, any colour. get at me, skirts. RucheForever21.

6 & 12. a new coat. something cute and cozy for winter that's flared enough to wear over my new skirts. :) Modcloth, Betsey Johnson.
7. a graphic tee. preferably a hilarious and accurate one, like this one declaring my netflix addiction to the world. (although I actually like the pink one better) Active Apparel. 

9. a messenger bag. I couldn't find a pic of the real one I want- it's from Spring and has fur on it! I also wouldn't mind a bright red one, but I didn't think about that before making the collage. Spring.

10, 17, 19. boots. I'm addicted to boots. obsessed, even. I want ALL. the boots. especially in cognac, purple, or embroidery. Modcloth, Free People.

11. overalls. guys, I need a pair of overalls! I've wanted a pair for what seems like forever. I know what you're thinking- but Sarah, those are for summer! au contraire, my friends. I will wear them with thick tights and long sleeve blouses and boots and I will wear them with love! bonus: they are now on super-sale. Topshop. 

13. purple. there is not enough purple in my life. please help me out with this terrible problem by getting me this adorable dress. Modcloth. 

14. T-Swift perfume. say what you want, girl knows how to smell goooood! Shoppers Drug Mart.

16. a unique necklace. it's no secret I love a pretty necklace, and this amazing terrarium necklace is as pretty and unique as they come; it has real porcupine quills inside. Woodi.

20. knit headbands. enough of hats messing up my messy buns! enough! Aldo

22. belts. of the waist-cinching variety. 'nuff said. 

23. these wedges. they've been on my wish list three years in a row. I think it might be time I bit the bullet and bought them for myself, but I'll risk it again.they're called the "drop-let it be wedge," after all. Modcloth.

. . .

so there you have it! my Christmas list. other favourite items include chiffon dresses, good tights, and anything map print. 

are you guys getting pumped for the holidays??
happy weekend.

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let's do the time warp again...

holy November, batman!

October, where'd you go?!?
please come back. I've not properly appreciated pumpkins or autumn leaves or pumpkin spice lattes!

time is flying by too fast for my liking. I can't believe I've been home for a year. I can't believe winter is looming. I can't believe Halloween has come and gone and I didn't so much as take a terrible phone picture.

and we're already a week into November! are you guys aware of this? am I in some sort of time vortex?

I'm still trying to transform my summer dresses into autumn-appropriate wardrobe pieces. on bright, sunny days it almost works! especially if I add dark accessories and black tights. 

I finally had this dress altered- I've had it for two years!- so I felt the need to wear it one last time in all its summer-print glory. I was never one for dressing "seasonally;" I love florals in winter and boots in the summer. but it's hard to make a sheer, fruit-patterned sundress function into the colder months! 

whatever. at this point in my life I'm just happy to be wearing something that fits me comfortably.

dress- vintage // blazer- vero moda // bag- aldo // necklace- smart set // sunglasses- urban outfitters

at least November's abrupt arrival means exciting times ahead; long weekends, birthday parties, Christmas shopping, the parade... I won't let this month pass me by quite so unceremoniously! I'm going to soak up everything that's left of fall and really enjoy the lead-up to my absolute favourite season. :)

it's never too early to make a Christmas wish list, amirite?
of course I am. 

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solar system that fits in your eye

today was a much-desired lazy day for the King-Goulding house. I'm the first to admit that I have been leading a fairly stress-free life lately, but I've just been so darn tired! sometimes you just need a day to relax and do nothing but catch up on some blogging and go out for coffee with your hubby.

lace body suit- american apparel  // denim vest- american eagle // skirt + boots- modcloth //scarf- fr. pseudio

a leisurely day is best spent wearing comfortable wardrobe favourites, and today I mixed the old with the new. I don't think I'll ever get tired of my lace body suit or my warm black circle scarf, and a couple of these more recent purchases are quickly becoming wardrobe staples too; my galaxy skirt always makes me feel stylish, I want to wear my denim vest with everything, and, as you might recall from this post, I have quickly become smitten with these boots. 

it was my perfect outfit for strolling downtown in the crisp fall air. and I made a new friend on our walk. his name is Benny and he's an absolute cutie. 

I'm really getting into the season! and not a moment too soon, since in Newfoundland it'll be winter in no time. better start working on that autumn check list- visit a pumpkin patch, go on a haunted hike, buy a pair of overalls... before you know it November will be here and I'll be raving about Christmas plans!

soon enough, my friends... soon enough.

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my day-late friend

I guess Friday favourites round two is a day late! shall we just name the feature weekly favourites in anticipation of my inevitable inconsistency? sureee!

at any rate, here are a few of my favourite things...

1. fun striped dresses! I'm loving the colours and patterns of these two beauties from- where else?- Modcloth.

2. pretty iPhone cases, especially ones with wooden elements. even though I don't even have an iPhone... but if I did, I'd get this one!

3. tattoos! I can't stop thinking about them. ones I like, ones I want, when and where I'll get them... I can't wait to get new ink! I love these inspirations I found on Pinterest.

4. I need skirts. there is a definitive lack of cute skirts in my life- where is everyone hiding them? I'd love to get my hands on one of these from Ruche

5. I need this sweat shirt from Forever 21 in my life!

6. I've had my eye on these Jeffrey Campbells for a year now, and I still love 'em! I should probably just bite the bullet and shell out the money for them... I'm taking donations.

7. I'm always a lover of vintage dresses, but lately I've really been itching to buy one of these lovely things. from Very Vintage and 1919 Vintage.

8. art deco-style glass tables. I love the decor of both these rooms (more inspirations from Pinterest!).

9. burgundy! I always love this colour, but with autumn in full swing it's pretty much my favourite. I like the hue of this adorable Modcloth dress and this cozy circle scarf from Soli Knits.

10. how cool is this zombie cribbage set from Modcloth?? it makes me want to learn how to play crib. 

that's all for now! have a good one. :)

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hometown glory

...and then it was October!
yeesh, autumn, where are ya going in such a hurry?

while the weather lately has been erratic at best, I've really been appreciating the beauty of our fair city. I think St. John's has kind of a rugged, old-world charm to it.
Signal Hill has always been one of my favourite places for that reason. not only is it wild and pretty in its own right, but it offers a million-dollar view of downtown.

dress- monsoon // hat- vintage // boots- modcloth

I'm trying to squeeze a couple more uses out of my summer wardrobe pieces before it gets too ridiculous. for example, this hot pink sun hat; I bought it at a thrift shop in Montreal and didn't get to wear it nearly as much as I'd liked. so I worked it into this autumn outfit! 

this dress is pretty summery as well (it has an open back) but paired with these perfectly matched booties I think it transitions nicely into the cooler weather. 

speaking of these boots- they are probably my new most favourite boots ever! they are so comfortable and look even better in person. I want to get them in every colour. if you're contemplating buying them from Modcloth, just go for it!
treat yo'self!!

I'm going to browse the shoe section again right now...
happy hump day! 

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defend the silver lining

sometimes people have bad days. 
sometimes people feel lazy and sad and ugly for no reason.
and sometimes, all people need to feel a whole lot better is to wear a kick-ass pair of boots.
(a gorgeous view doesn't hurt either.)

dress- vintage // necklace- lia sophia, gift fr. my mom // boots- lammle's // bag- vintage

earlier I was feeling a little down in the dumps... sometimes I feel like good weather just exasperates my bad mood because I feel bad about feeling bad! but Brando and I went for a walk on the harbour front, bought a new record, and ate yummy hummus wraps. that really brightened my day.

also stars of the cheer-up-Sarah club, my new turquoise cowboy boots purchased in Canada's very own Cowtown! they're the perfect Calgary souvenir- I absolutely love them and have already gotten dozens of compliments. 

Marilyn was right; give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world! or at least her own gloominess, haha. 

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due South

well, it's been a very busy weekend!
between work and play and a few side projects....

this saturday fellow blogger friend Caitlin and I had a vintage and used clothing sale. it was a whole lot of work to pull off, but it went very well! we had a nice turnout, people seemed to really enjoy it, and it was fun! I had every intention of bringing my camera along and sharing photos with you today, but of course in all the hustle and bustle and foggy 6am brain, I forgot.
so instead, here's the next lot of photos from our roadtrip!

next stop, Louisville, Kentucky!

it was kind of an unexpected stopover, but what a fantastic city! it was definitely our favourite part of the trip. and how exactly did we end up so far out of the way of our cross-Canada route? well I'll tell you.

for my birthday, Brandon ingeniously got me tickets to see the Eagles here in Newfoundland. they've been one of my favourite bands since I was a kid! I was excited to go, but then Caitlin and I had a last minute schedule change for the road trip. I didn't want to miss the trip, but I didn't want to miss the Eagles either... so we looked up where else on the way (relatively!) they were playing and thought hey, wouldn't it be hilarious and awesome to see them in Kentucky?

long story short I sold my tickets in Newfoundland and we bought Eagles tickets for the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville!

it was an incredible city. 
if you've never been to Louisville, you have to go. you might think (like we did) "what the heck is there to do in Louisville?" but the answer is: SO MUCH. 

we saw the Eagles on the first night we arrived, and they were AMAZING. I was soooo happy. on day two, we went searching for Colonel Sanders' grave and visited the Louisville Slugger museum and factory. and day three was even more fun-packed!
there are great museums, city tours, historical sites, and amazing restaurants. we had so much fun there I can't even explain how vibrant and friendly and interesting it is. so just go. 

I'll have more Louisville pictures in the next couple days.
till then, have a good one! y'all come back now, ya hear?
(sorry, couldn't resist with the southern vibe...)
love love!

1. officially entering "the South."
2. Sarah & Caitlin go to White Castle!
3. the hilariously named local stadium where I finally saw the Eagles.
4. a statue in Cave Hill Cemetery
5. a Kentucky standard.
6. the Colonel himself!
7. a quaint and pleasant gravestone.
8. the world's largest baseball bat at the Louisville Slugger museum.
9. what a Babe!
10. those lady ball players sure looked snazzy.
11. striking a pose with Mickey Mantle's real bat.