let them know it's Christmastime

today was a terrible day for humans. in a month where neighbourly love, kindness, and peace are supposed to be more attainable ideals, the last thing you expect to hear is that some sad, twisted person has purposely harmed innocent little ones. or anyone, for that matter, but children are what Christmas is all about; their joy, their faith, and the joy they bring their families. so for something so horrible to happen, especially this time of year, is is mark against humanity.
what happened in Connecticut is unspeakably sad, and I sincerely hope that somehow the families affected will find some peace in the holiday season. I don't know how, but I have to hope they will.

it seems trivial now to blog about pretty dresses or jolly movies, but I had this post planned... and I don't want to end today on an entirely somber note. I've been having a lovely week with my family and getting ever more excited for Christmas, and I hope you all are too. I still have things to be thankful for, things to look forward to, and reasons to be cheerful.

so I shall continue on with the seasonal merriment... with a movie we could all use a little more of, these days.

the most recently viewed of my favourite Christmas classics is Miracle on 34th Street. the old one. not that Mara Wilson isn't adorable, I just enjoy the old Hollywood aesthetic.

this movie has been dubbed a beloved holiday classic by many, so I'm sure if you haven't seen it, you at least know the plot. so I won't bore you with that. instead I'll bore you with why I love it; one, little Natalie Wood is adorable. two, it's chock-full of Christmas spirit. 
...that's pretty much all you need. 

and while you might think I'd focus the fashion portion of this post on the lovely Maureen O'Hara, I choose instead to pay homage to little miss Wood, as the delightful and stylish Susan Walker. 
(although Maureen as the mom is equally stunning.) they make quite a pair!

Susan is a little lady, and a chic-New-Yorker-in-training. she is always smartly dressed in prim and pretty dresses, perfectly accessorized with oxford shoes and snazzy hats. 

to get Susie's look, dress up a simple frock with expertly coordinated outerwear & accessories!

1. pick girly dress with sweet little details. // modcloth
2. Susan's oxfords look a little more grown up with heels. // ruche
3. a special topper is essential! // modcloth
4. add pattern and visual interest with festive plaid to keep you warm. // topshop
5. and of course, knee-high socks are part of a quintessential Susan outfit. // american apparel

maybe next year I'll get to watch the Macy's parade in my knee-high socks, like Susan. that really wouldn't suck.

happy 10 days till Christmas!
hug your families.

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