I've been awaiting for you

this weekend Brando and myself journeyed to ye-olde Robert's Arm to spend a couple days with his family. in the hustle of the trip, my camera cord got left behind, and then our computer charger broke.
someone up there reeeeally doesn't want me to blog, lately.

but, Imma give it another shot! so here is another attempt at a post... even though blog traffic has been pretty much dead lately... so hey, if you're reading this and aren't my mom, drop me a line and let me know that I'm not putting in all this effort solely for narcissistic gratification.

I like dressing for winter. while footwear options can be limited (and frustrating) there's a lot of opportunity for layering and creativity. in the summer, a dress is its own outfit. in the winter- at least where I live- you will freeze if you do not expand upon your wardrobe choices. 

there are essentially two types of winter colour palettes. one with rich, bright colours that contrast with the snow and wintery grey skies; and one of pastels and cotton-candy knits that blend in more with the soft hues of nature. some people prefer one over the other, but I've always been partial to variety. 

so while some ladies would save a mint green dress and sheer tights for cool summer afternoons, I like to winterize as much of my wardrobe as I can. it's easier than you think. a chunky-knit cardi and a hat can go a long way.

and that's the story of how I keep my h&m garments working for me year-round!

in related news, we finally got some snow! it's actually snowing in these pictures, but not the big, fluffy kind of snow, the small, blow-across-your-face snow. the cold makes it increasingly harder to get outfit pictures without losing appendages or facing social criticism, but it's nice to have snow for Christmas. 

which is one week away, guys. 

how did this happen?
I feel like just yesterday I was boarding a plane to fly home to Canada in sweaty, Venice-drenched sundresses. my how time flies. 
...that sentence made me feel old. 

dress- h&m // hat- paris street vendor // tights + socks- american apparel // booties- new look

this is going to be a crazy week! more travelling tomorrow, followed by what I can only assume (and hope) will be a flurry of red wining & dining & merry-making and other such holiday hustle & bustle. 

I'll let you know how it goes. :)

peace & ♥!

playing: forget me not- the civil wars


Jen Hsieh said...

You and your outfit? Absolutely killer. I'm pretty jealous of the snow and how you made your pastel pieces work so effortlessly together. And you pull off a beret better than I ever could.

And right?? Christmas is already right around the corner. I'm definitely not ready for it. :P

Unknown said...

I just love this whole outfit! You look incredibly cute. I love to winterize as many of my warmer-weather dresses as possible too. Yours is such a pretty color and I love the bow belt with it. The dotted tights and beret are fantastic accessories too.

Unknown said...

Love that dress! And you know, the whole outfit. :)
I'm back trying to catch up with my blog reading that I can't do while I'm away.

Miss you! xo

Natalie said...

ahaha, not to worry, there are people enjoying your blog! ;)

Also, really love the colour of your dress/the whole outfit, and agree that pastels in winter can be lovely!

Happy almost Christmas! xo