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for someone who is kind of obsessed with this holiday, there has been a serious lack of Christmasy things on this blog lately. unfortunately, it is because one of the great things about Christmas is that there's so much to do, and that leaves little time for displaying your holiday self to the internet...

also I have this horrible habit of choosing real-life friends and social interaction over sitting at my computer, editing photos and loathing myself.

we took these photos in Brando's hometown last week, and we're headed out there again on Christmas eve. it'll be my very first Christmas away from my family! I've managed to push it off this long, but it had to happen eventually. 
I don't know if you guys know this, but sometimes when you're married, you have to do something the other person wants. 
I know, no one told me either.

but seriously, it should be great fun. and maybe I'll feel a little more like a grown-up. and besides my sister is working on Christmas so the fam isn't doing the whole shebang till we get there at night, haha. that makes it easier. 

sweater- gift // jeans- h&m // scarf- gift // shoes- aldo

I seem to be drawn to "mint" clothing, lately. I was planning my Christmas outfits to pack and made a point to stop myself from bringing my mint green blazer, because it's the only colour I've been wearing on the blog lately! not that that's a huge factor in my outfit planning, I just thought I'd mix it up a little... keep it interesting for you folks.
and fyi, these jeans are more of a mint blue. so really, it's different. 
also, don't wear flats outside in the snow with no socks on. 

the next couple of days are BUSY BUSY! (as I'm sure they are for everyone.)
tomorrow it's church with the family, cookie-delivering, then driving out of town for the annual Tibb's Eve shindig with my friends.
then of course it's Christmas Eve!

holy crap, how did this happen so fast?
really people, you need to warn me when time starts flying!

playing: I've got this friend- the civil wars

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Natalie said...

This was the first christmas eve my husband and I decided to stay at our own place, and went to my mum's on Christmas Day! I was a little worried about being away from our families on the night, but it turned out just lovely! (we made each other cards, drank rum+eggnog, and watch Die Hard, ie. total Christmas Eve bliss! aha). Hope you had a great holiday, and love the polar bear/mint combo! xo