happy like an old-time movie

one of my favourite things about December is the abundance of Christmas movies on tv each night. every year I discover a new favourite, and they're all so joyful!

I thought I'd continue with my little "Hollywood Holiday" feature from last year, but a little different; I want to put together cute winter outfits inspired by my favourite Christmas movie starlets. it combines my three loves- movies, fashion, and Christmas!

first up is the classic holiday film The Shop Around the Corner. some people don't consider it a Christmas movie, but all the best parts happen at Christmas, so that's good enough for me.

if you haven't seen this movie, DO IT! it's wonderfully funny and adorably sweet, with just the right amount of seasonal cheer. it also happens to be the film You've Got Mail was based on, so you know it's going to be charming as heck. it's like Nora Ephron, but classier.

aaaand I have a giant time-traveller's crush on Jimmy Stewart.

however, he is not the focus of this particular post; it's his co-star, the lovely Margaret Sullivan. she lights up the screen as Clara Novak in charming hats and cozy furs, and don't forget the trademark jumper skirt!

(images via google search)

to get a sweet, feminine look like Clara's for Christmas, add a trendy twist to classic pieces; like sheer lace to a blouse, or Clara's favourite polka dots to ladylike mary janes.

1. a green lace blouse is festive and feminine, but still modern. // ruche
2. Clara loves her polka dot blouse! pay homage in your adorable footwear. // irregular choice
3. a pencil skirt jumper is retro without being cheesy. // modcloth
4. a prim topper is the perfect winter accessory, according to this shop girl! // urban outfitters
5. a (faux) fur jacket never goes out of style. // modcloth

so there you have it! holiday wardrobe inspiration from a "lovely, average girl."
now if you'll excuse me, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town is on television...

playing: Santa Claus is coming to town- Michael Buble

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