a merry little Christmas

(so this post was originally intended for December 23rd, which has past... but I'm unsure of why it didn't show up here? so I'm posting it under the intended publishing date!)

church is over, all the wrapping's been done, and I'm headed out to Grand Falls for the annual Tibb's eve shindig. all that's left to do is post one last "hollywood holiday" inspiration in time for Christmas!

I watched Meet Me in St. Louis for the first time this year. I don't know why it took me so long. I've always heard it's a holiday classic, and that it made "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" famous. but I'd never seen it.

now that I have, I must say, it's absolutely delightful!

to be entirely honest, this film doesn't top my list of all-time Christmas favourites, but that doesn't mean it isn't iconic in many ways; it has Judy Garland, for goodness sakes. 

now I know what you're thinking. how can you put together a winter outfit inspired by characters in the 1900s? it's all frilly gowns and floor-length skirts. and that's true! but as Esther Smith, Judy Garland is a mixture of class and sass that is always in style. 
(see what I did there?)

(images via google)

to pull off a modern Esther look, try pairing bold stripes with dainty collars. add some turn-of-the-century flair with luxurious fabrics like lace or velvet. 

1. channel miss Esther in a prim collar & bright stripes. // modcloth
2. this spunky lady is never without a chic pair of gloves. // coach
3. folded booties are a staple with floor-sweeping gowns, or playful dresses. // modcloth
4. reference the iconic trolley scene in Esther's trademark accessory- lace! // asos

so you see, you can dress like a turn-of-the-century character without looking like you walked out of a Christmas card!
(I was going to say Dickens novel, but that was the 1800s... didn't people all dress the same before the 20s anyway?)
oh well. 

Merry freakin' Christmas!

playing: have yourself a merry little Christmas- Judy Garland

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