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so guys, I have the best news!
Christmas lattes are back at starbucks. :)
what a perfect way to top off a perfect autumn afternoon.

well, it would have been a perfect autumn afternoon... except right after this picture was taken it started to pour rain, and the seasonal crispness in the air became more of a bone-chilling cold. so Brando and I cut short our walk downtown and moved the party to Chapters (which, incidentally, has another starbucks in it. so it worked out).

and you know what else? starbucks also has advent calenders. you get chocolate, but other surprises as well. other surprises that I sincerely hope are coffee. 

I decided I haven't been enjoying my long hair enough lately, so I'm going to start doing more with it. sometimes I get the urge to cut it all off again and get an adorable pixie cut, but then I remember how long it took me to grow my hair back... and I think I should wait a little while more. 

I do need a bit of a change, though. I just don't think I have the funding nor the commitment to do anything drastic. like pastel purple hair. man, that looks so cool. 

maybe I'll just try bangs again. it's been a while since I had a good hair cut. 

shirt- modcloth // pants- american apparel // shoes- walmart

since the backdrop of this little photo shoot is a book store, it seems appropriate to talk about books.

I haven't been reading nearly as much as I'd like lately, but I have been thinking a lot about and recommending my favourite books. I'm fairly picky about what I like to read (and what I actually finish!) so I think I might actually have good taste... maybe. I don't know, but if you're looking for reading suggestions from a stranger on the internet, then I have a few! 
(I'm not including plot summaries, because those already exist so it seems pointless.)

1. Life of Pi by Yann Martel - this is in my top three favourite books of all time, and you should read it before the movie comes out! it's beautifully written and touches on some interesting concepts, including postmodernism which is also my fave. :)

2. Oryx & Crake by Margaret Atwood - probably the best book ever. and written by an author who can do no wrong. seriously, read all her stuff. especially Year of the Flood, which is in the trilogy with Oryx & Crake. 

3. The Photograph by Penelope Lively - a sweetly melancholic read that is kind of like an emotional mystery. it's inspiring and sad at the same time, and very memorable.

4. Alligator by Lisa Moore - I'm a little biased because it's about life in St. John's, but it's a wonderful read with great characters! might be a little hard to find but totally worth it. 

5. Solar by Ian McEwan - I've kind of exhausted myself of Mr. McEwan, but I think this is my favourite book of his. it's funny and fascinating and never predictable. and it's about a physicist so it makes you feel smart. 

what are your favourite books?

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Unknown said...

I never thought I wanted to read Life of Pi, but I've been hearing good things lately and heard it had a cool ending so I may have to pick it up soon!
Also I love the bookstore backdrop for these pictures. Your trousers are so cute too. I need a pair like that!