this simple friday night

guys, I have to tell ya. it's getting way too cold to take photos outside.
I concede that yes, I am wearing shorts. but even with the addition of a couple more layers I'm pretty sure I would have been freezing in anything less than a down-filled coat and mittens.
this weather is killing me.
the upside of all this cold? eventually the constant rain will become snow, and that'll be great for the Santa Claus parade next weekend!

I've been trying to stretch some of my summer pieces to work for the fall/winter as long as possible. hence wearing a floral romper in the middle of November. I think this particular outfit works alright, and I'm trying to "winterize" a couple of my vintage dresses for the next week. I just want to get as much use out of these things as I can, since I've never lived anywhere that got much of a summer... so right now I'm relying on over-the-knee socks, boots, and lots of layers.

speaking of boots, how amazing are these Jeffrey Campbells? made even better by the fact that I got them half off... 

romper- modcloth // tights + socks- american apparel // hat- gift // cardigan- gift // belt- primark

and now if you'll excuse me, I shall return to my very hip & classy friday night of watching the Duck Dynasty marathon on A&E. 
because everyone else fell asleep about a half hour ago, haha. 
living with my parents is turning me into a sad little hillbilly hermit. 

happy weekend, anyways!

playing: there's an arc- hey rosetta!

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