the shoppers rush home with their treasures

when I said this blog was going to get more Christmasy, I was for serious, guys.

today I was thinking- wondering- a lot about what to get my friends for the holidays. right now I am jobless and pretty broke, but I still want to get my closest friends something special. and you know what, sometimes no matter how well you know somebody, it is impossible to think of a good present for them!

luckily, I think there are a few tried-and-true holiday gifts that people always enjoy. some might think they're generic or cliche, but that doesn't change the fact that girls (including me!) love to get them.

here's my little gift guide of cute things to get for the lovely ladies in your life; whether you need a little something for your bff, or an idea for your office secret Santa. all under $50 (and easily found for cheaper)!

1. a cozy circle scarf. every girl loves circle scarves. no really. I challenge you to find a girl who, if offered one for free, wouldn't be pleased. they're stylish, practical, and come in a billion different styles, colours, and price ranges. circle scarves rule! // modcloth

2. coffee mugs/travel mugs. I love getting mugs. and chances are most people in your life have a coffee or tea habit. get a quirky, good-quality mug in the perfect size, or a cool travel mug you can draw on! // starbucks

3. a gift bundle of cuteness. when in doubt, buy a gift pack of pretty, albeit slightly generic, items that someone might not bother to buy themselves. this adorable hand-made set is fox themed and has a pillow, tote bag, calendar, and reusable gift bag for $55 ($5 more, but the gift wrap is included!). // gingiber

4. a cute & practical bag. cross-body bags are so convenient, and style wise bags are easier to buy for friends than clothing. get something pretty, yet simple, and in a neutral colour, so she can use it all the time. // modcloth

5. slippers. or pyjamas. I know, it sounds like the most cliche Christmas gift ever. but hear me out; I think that people were so tired of getting slippers/pyjamas that everyone stopped giving them. hence, now people need these things more than you think. also, you can never have enough sleepwear. ladies love variety. // urban outfitters

6. knit headbands. these are so great for keeping you cozy when you want to wear your hair up. and they're cute, to boot! every girl should have one. // smash knits

7. necklaces. I maintain that a dainty necklace is a surefire hit present. monogram necklaces are especially sweet & timeless, and also add a little individuality to the gift. // SD marie jewellery

8. makeup. most people find it odd to buy makeup for their girl friends, but a fun palette or gift set are great gifts for the lady who appreciates a little maquillage. it's something they might not think to treat themselves to, and bonus: if she's a makeup fan, she'll really appreciate brand quality. // urban decay

9. a Christmas sweater. especially if you're exchanging gifts before actual Christmas day! sure, they're a little cheesy, and you can only wear them for like a month out of the year... but Christmas sweaters are so cool, guys. and she'll always have something to wear to holiday parties. // a wear & us trendy

...aaand I am just now realizing that I stopped the list at nine, and that's kind of weird. oh well. maybe it'll become a thing; people will no longer make lists in multiples of 5, but multiples of 3. nine will be the new ten. 
it could happen.

tomorrow I'll have a list of nine (for the sake of consistency) gifts for the dudes in your life!
happy shopping. :)

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