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well friends, it's been a busy, blog-free week up in here!
first off, Halloween. Halloween is a frantic holiday, don't you think? all those costumes and planning and shopping and prepping and decorating... and then the partying. Halloween has consumed at least four of the past seven days. 

I also had the pleasant experience of having all four of my wisdom teeth removed, so that pretty much put me out of commission for a while. I was super scared cause I'd never been unconscious for any reason in my life, but as surgeries go this one really wasn't that bad... apparently I was quite humorous while under the influence of copious drugs, but unfortunately the really gold moments after leaving the dentist were not caught on tape. so there is no record of me explaining to the nurse that dipping oreos in milk made them soft enough for me to eat, or of my distain at the fact that they didn't get my to count backwards from 100. 

basically, this week has led to a couple slight hangovers and a swollen face. 
and now, here are some Halloween pictures! 
can you guess who we all are??

my friend threw a ballin' party on saturday night before we all headed down to Mardi Gras, which in good ol' Sin Jawns is Halloween weekend. we didn't take a ton of pictures, but at least I managed to get some this year! even though it kind of looks like Brando wasn't at this party... he was...

I have more photos from a different Halloween party, but I'll save those for tomorrow! 
(sorry that this post is kind of random... I'm still kind of loopy from the post-oral surgery drugs. )

in addition to fun times in the city, during my internet hiatus Jessie of i.e.; inspired & experimental bestowed on me the honour of the Leibster Blog award. thank you very much, Jessie! as per the rules, I have to list 11 facts about myself, then ask answer 11 questions posed by Jessie. so here goes.

1. I think I am one of those people who, if I were to win the lottery, would be totally content doing nothing for the rest of my life. true story. 
2. today in my drug-induced morning loopiness I told my sister I was adopting a Chinese baby. I told her she would have a Chinese niece, or as I so cleverly dubbed this child, a "Chi-neice."
3. I am a terrible dancer. I mean, one of the worst. I mostly just wiggle and jump around to songs I like, but let's just say I am very lucky I never had to try to attract a man at a club, because there is nothing remotely appealing about looking like Flubber.
4. I liked Doctor Who before liking Doctor Who was cool.
5. I think my favourite food might actually be onions.
6. it's always been one of my life goals to stand in one of those cranberry bogs like on ocean spray juice commercials. when my friend Billy, who's from New Jersey, said he could take me to one next year, I almost peed my pants. I wan't sure they really existed!
7. no song gets me as pumped as "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from the Mulan soundtrack. 
8. I'm a really good cook. but I kinda stink at baking. but it's ok cause I'd take veggie chilli over a pie any day.
9. I want to get at least three more tattoos. I have them picked out already, I just don't know where to put them on my body... 
10. one of my many useless talents is making up silly rhyming poems or song parodies a la Weird Al. I made up a song about ugly babies to the tune of "Call Me Maybe" that is simply delightful.
11. I think my spirit animal is a rabbit. minus all the sex and stupidity. 


1. Who is your favourite writer (or movie director, if you don't read much)?
my favourite author is Margaret Atwood. read Oryx & Crake, Cat's Eye, and the Handmaid's Tale.

2. Name three things in your bag right now.
well, because I just had my wisdom teeth out, three different bottles of prescription drugs! and lip balm, cause you know, every girl needs lip balm...

3. Your most commonly said phrase -- or your own catchphrase, if you will. 
hmm... I don't really have a phrase, but I use the word "supes" a lot... as in, short for super. like "she's supes crazy with her cheesy slang."

4. What are your thoughts on Gangnam Style craze?
I don't really have any thoughts on it...

5. Favourite drink (alcoholic or otherwise)?
chocolate milk or red wine (valpolicella!)

6. What is your dream city? 
New York, obvs! (more cheesy slang...)

7. Last shop you bought something from, and what was it?
pink lace Betsey Johnson tights from Winners. 

8. Favourite fashion staple?
a casual dress.

9. Must-have make-up item? 

10. What inspires you?
travelling, movies, music, people who make the most of life, people who are genuinely loving, animals befriending other animals. :)
11. Confess something!
when my dentist told me I should get my wisdom teeth out, my first thought was "maybe I'll lose some weight." for shame. 

I'm supposed to tag 11 other bloggers and ask 11 of my own questions, but it's really late guys! and I have to go take more drugs and eat more pudding. so I'll do the rest tomorrow, too. 
I hope my nuttiness has amused you, and I hope you all had a very Happy Halloween!


Josefin said...


I was also nominated <3 And your costumes looks awesome!

Love Josefin

Josefin said...


I was also nominated <3 And your costumes looks awesome!

Love Josefin