she's so high

in keeping with the recent theme of "having nothing to do with style blogging," I thought I'd share the two short videos of me high on prescription drugs.

they're not spectacularly funny, but I thought it would be a good way to introduce live-action Sarah to the blogosphere.
...not really, I just find them sort of amusing. especially my vapid stare.

fyi, at the end of #2 I am saying "I'm not singing that Jesus rap" in reference to an actual rap about Jesus... I am not cursing.



if you're having trouble deciphering some of the topics discussed,  they mainly include my keychain friend Wallace and the tiger cave from Aladdin. that's the gist.

ps. please excuse the general messiness of my blog design right now... I was kind of in the middle of changing a bunch of things when my computer crashed and now it's stuck in a design no-man's land. nothing matches. but I'll fix it up asap! 

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