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hello, folks!
as promised, today I undertook the arduous task of compiling a holiday gift guide for the men in your life.

I made the joke earlier that I might as well just have every item on the list say "just don't bother," because guys are impossible to buy for. they only want expensive things like electric guitars or unnecessary electronics.
but on the off-hand that no one would have any interest in reading a Christmas list telling them to actually not give presents at all, I decided to see what I could come up with.

and so here we are.
nine Christmas gifts under $50 (ok, eight... I had to make a special exception.)

1. a hoodie. I know, how radical! but seriously, hoodies make great gifts because every guy wears them, they're easy to size, and you can find one in every possible style (but stick to more simple designs and colours to be on the safe side). // h&m

2. cool headphones. to those haters out there who said I couldn't find a good pair of headphones under $50; challenge accepted. and challenge completed. these have great customer reviews and look awesome. a good gift because literally everyone listens to music these days. // modcloth

3. a winter hat. again, every guy wears them. or they should, because you really need to keep your head warm in the colder months, guys...anyways, hats make good gifts for the same reasons hoodies do. // topman

4. monogrammed wallet. according to Brando, who got a wallet at a staff Christmas party once, this is a quality present. a wallet is something he will use, if not right away, then eventually, when his current one wears out. monogramming it adds a touch of thoughtfulness, not to mention classic style. // moxie & oliver

5. a practical man-bag. guys protest to needing one of these, but ladies, am I right when I say we are tired of carrying their things around in our bags? yes of course I'm right. a minimalist messenger bag is great for carting everything from a wallet & keys, to a laptop, and it goes with almost any style. // urban outfitters

6. mug/travel mug. works for girls, works for guys! go with a stereotypical "manly" graphic or a fun gimmick, like images that disappear/appear with heat, or mugs you can draw on. // starbucks & modcloth

7. a funny snuggie. you may argue that all snuggies are funny, and you'd be right. but you can also find specific ones to tickle the fancy of any male with a pop culture addiction and a fondness for warmth. I'd personally recommend Batman, because come on...who doesn't wanna be Batman? but you can also find cartoon characters, or  snuggies inspired by his favourite tv shows.
again, endorsed as a good present by Brando, who has received one.
you might not think he'd like a snuggie, he may not think he'd like a snuggie. but he will like a snuggie. // amazon

8. remote-controlled flying toys. especially this radio controlled floating shark, which is particularly amazeballs. boys just love their toys. I promise you he will love anything that requires batteries and has no real function. and/or is on this website... // this is why i'm broke

9. a cool watch. if you're looking to splurge a little, get one of these watches! they're stylish, trendy, and economically friendly (we wood plants a tree for every watch they sell). a watch is such a classic Christmas gift, and the novelty of the wooden design makes it current, and extra-special. get one for yourself, too! // urban outfitters & we wood

well, there you have it.
also, my dad wanted me to make it clear that these gift suggestions are more for young men than gentlemen of a certain age and maturity. because, to paraphrase my father, a real man only gets excited about tools.
...but if you're more concerned with gifting for generation Y at the moment, now you have some other ideas!

happy shopping. :)

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Unknown said...

I want all these things. Especially the watch, and the wallet (preferably with a built in guitar pick holder).