baby, it's cold outside

well, I guess that's it for November. 
this past month has flown by in a flurry of late-night movies and job interviews. I'm still hoping to make a few extra bucks for Christmas presents, but for now I'm happy enough hanging out with my friends and watching Quigley Down Under ever second night. 
in other news, it's officially winter and appropriately cold.

sweater- topshop // shirt- american apparel // jeans- roxy // boots- new look 

I think it's time to pack away the open-toed shoes and bring out the mittens. I was absolutely freezing while taking these pictures, and this is probably one of the warmer outfits I had available in my pink heart-patterned suitcase. this weather only encourages two things; my obsession with all things Christmas, and my obsession with buying sweaters. 

oh yeah, and I got bangs again.
I got tired of the shape of my forehead. 

that about covers it. 
happy December!

playing: let it snow- Michael Buble


NelaTasha said...

I must say this is one excellent outfit for the autumn/winter transition! Love it!

Unknown said...

I always love that sweater on you. Weather's getting cold, we need to start curling up with hot chocolate and something romantic.... like walking dead.

Kristin Dawn said...

Hi Sarah, I stumbled across your blog and love it! Right now, it's freezing where I live as well (Winnipeg, Canada) so I feel your pain! :P I really love that sweater, it's so cute!