yeah, toast!

I'm finally getting a taste of autumn up in here. all you lovely bloggers have been sharing photos and posts of pumpkin pies, apple orchards, and fallen leaves, while I'm running around going to concerts and trying new wine.

gotta say, I think it's a fair trade.

still, it's nice to have a few golden flora on this here blogity-blog!

life's been pretty excellent lately; I'm running around Newfoundland spending time with friends & family till that whole responsibility thing eventually kicks in. till it does, I'm happy with lunch dates, last-minute parties, and movie watching.

(side note: watch Looper. and Here Comes the Boom. and Pitch Perfect. some of those might sound questionable, but seriously, they're amazeballs.)

I bought this dress while adventuring in downtown St. John's on the nicest day ever. and by nicest day ever, I mean not only was the weather unseasonably lovely, but every interaction with a human was equally lovely. seriously you guys, come to St. John's sometime.

anyways, how adorable is the pattern of this dress! toast! YEAH TOAST.
please excuse the painfully old Adam Sandler reference, but I'm a sucker for a novelty print. especially one with an adorable polka dot trim.

I got the dress at a local shop, but you can also buy it at modcloth. it's a really flattering and comfortable fit, and the quality is great too. just fyi!

dress- rosie the rebel // scarf- gift // cardigan- primark // boots- aldo

I'm really hoping this gorgeous autumn sticks around a little while longer. it's making the scenery extra easy on the eyes, and I'm enjoying the gypsy-traveller lifestyle. not ready to settle down for winter just yet.

hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!
love love.

playing: we were a boat- Andrew James O'Brien


Jen Hsieh said...

How. Gorgeous. Are. These. Pictures?

I'm so in love with the scenery behind you and that dress is way too adorable for words. The polka dots and the toast are amazing. And concerts and wine? That might be even better than pumpkin picking. ;)

Angel said...

The dress is so cute, I love it with the tights you picked out. :]