confess your love as well as your folly

sometimes in life, girls, you will make ill-informed decisions. these blunders will often come in the form of impulse purchases, pizza binges, or chick flicks, and they are almost always made under the influence of well-meaning loved ones.

today I made one such decision. I chose to willingly follow Brando on a "short walk" on the town hiking trail.

I don't know what I was thinking.

come on, Sarah. you know yourself better than that. a hiking trail? with built-in stairs? please. and you know better when Brandon says "short walk."

don't get me wrong, the trail is beautiful! we got some lovely pictures, and the hike isn't overly challenging either. but in case you hadn't noticed, my appreciation for nature stems (hehe little pun there) more from photo ops and walks in the park, and less from spontaneous physical activity.

but hey, pictures!

dress + cardigan- primark // socks- american apparel // boots- aldo

I did realize that this is the same cardigan I wore in my last post... but not until after we took the photos!  but you know, it's actually a more accurate representation of my style lately, as I am living out of one suitcase at a time. 

as a side note, I am kinda obsessed with these over-the-knee socks (they actually go halfway up my thigh but this worked better with my skirt length). they are so warm and cozy, and I love how they look! I want MORE. black, cream, navy, a whole bunch of cozy awesome sock-y goodness. 

I'm sort of unsure what type of footwear they go with... I think tall boots or oxfords would be best... but like I said, right now I'm operating with limited wardrobe choices! besides, these boots are the cutest. I'm also kinda obsessed with fringe at the moment. 

now if you'll excuse me, I'm recovering from this afternoon's physical exertion by watching a Katherine Hepburn marathon on Turner Classic Movies. I love Katherine Hepburn. she's a class act. and I love her voice. :)


playing: white blank page- mumford & sons

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amberly said...

I love love love these gorgeous photos! And your stripe mixing! Damn, so jealous of that skill... Well done, doll! What a fun adventure :) Brando owe you one...

That picture of you in front of the lake is exceptionally stunning <3