won't be no "where ya been?"

so, how about those unintentional blog hiatuses?

yeahhh. I fully intended to try and get back into blogging this past week, but the obstacles just kept building up! first of all, moving is always so much more daunting and hectic than you expect... Brando and I were kept pretty busy packing up our lives in one week. I'm so glad it's finally over! packing is the absolute worst.

then, to top it all off, my computer crashed. sad faaaaace. I need to replace the hard drive, which isn't too bad, but I just hope I can get all my old stuff back. anyway with all the moving I haven't gotten around to getting it fixed yet. I miss my mac. there's just something so comfortable about your own computer.

after a crazy few days, we're officially Canadian residents again. if I said it was hard leaving Aberdeen... well, frankly I'd be lying. but there are a few friendly faces I sure am going to miss, and most of the past week consisted of saying goodbyes.

I wore this outfit to a friend's birthday party. it's especially hard to dress for a specific occasion when the majority of your clothes has already been stuffed into suitcases! but I managed to throw something together. just please forgive the wrinkles.

I got this new dress as a treat for myself when I went back to Scotland. there was a sale on at Sugarhill Boutique, and hey, it's been a tough summer! the least I can do is get an adorable seashell dress. :)

the shape and cut of this are perfect and so comfy, and I just love the back. it's a wonderful dress, I like it so much I also got the sunflower print version! for the record, you can also get them at Modcloth, and I'd recommend it. 

dress- sugarhill boutique //  shoes- seychelles 

it's good to be back in Newfoundland. I'm sitting here with my best friends, eating sandwiches and drinking beer and generally just having good times. there's a lot of uncertainty coming in the next year, but there's no better place to start fresh than home sweet home!

I'm off to enjoy my saturday night, hope you do too!
playing: leave you in the morning- Chris Kirby


Sampada said...

Love that dress! And I really like these shots...that backdrop is perfect.


Unknown said...

yay, you're back! :)
and i love the seashell print!


Hattitude said...

Hattitude Style Blog

ooo sarah! you're back in canadian soil! lovely! welcome home.

i love this dress and LOVE how you paired it with those purple shoes. it's great!

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Style Blog

Kaitlin said...

Miss you!!!!!!

Sarah K. said...

thanks so much for the comments, guys! ♥

Hattie: yep, very happy to be home! thanks!
Kaitlin: miss you too, lovely.