hometown glory

packing is quite possibly my least favourite thing. you may think that is an exaggeration, and I will concede a little, but I really think that it's right up there at the top of things I don't like, right next to vigorous exercise and Jessica Alba.

thank goodness we're almost done.

with the packing, I mean. I think exercise will have to be a part of my life fairly consistently, and unfortunately I don't think Jessica Alba's getting any less pretty or any more talented.

aaaanyways. it's nice to know that at the end of all this packing we get to go home for a little while. I'm sure it's (painfully?) obvious on this blog that I love where I come from, so while living in Newfoundland isn't top choice for a permanent plan, right now it's definitely not a bad deal.

when we were home last month I didn't have my camera (another long story that I won't bore you with...ok maybe I will, I left it on a plane). but I borrowed my sister's to take some pictures around Brandon's hometown. I tried to look vaguely style blogger-esque, but there's only so much you can do with a carry-on suitcase and uber windswept hair.

Brando's parents' dog Zac joined us on our walk. he's a squirt. to give you some indication of his personality, "Zac" is short for "Prozac." yeah.

I guess a saucy little red dress isn't exactly normal attire for a walk through the woods in rural Newfoundland (and how!), but I really needed a day when I wore something other than my pyjamas. and this dress is too cute not to show off! my favourite part is how the skirt moves and falls into this twirly handkerchief hem. lately I've kind of had an eye out for the perfect red dress and this one is definitely a keeper.

me trying a "serious" outfit pose. yikes. I'm really out of practice. or just need to readjust to looking at pictures of myself all the time... ahh, vanity, thy name is blogging.

Brando's looking mighty chipper! the sun kept coming in and out from amongst the clouds, so the lighting in these photos is all over the place. I swear it's not overdone photoshopping that's making them look that way.

dress- modcloth // cardigan- aeropostale // shoes- wal-mart 

...you can always tell when I've been home for a while when the clothes in my posts start coming up as "wal-mart." haha. nothing wrong with wal-mart, b'ys!!

I would also like to point out, since I didn't include it in any pictures, that this cardigan has a super-cute sheer polka dot back. it's super-cute, I swear.

you might be thinking, "hey, Sarah, if this is a walk around Brandon's hometown, why are there no houses? or proper streets? or even completely stable bridges? is Newfoundland really like the uncivilized dump everyone thinks it is?!"

you might think that, and those are fair questions my friends. this is, in fact, the scenic walking trail that lies within Brandon's fair hometown, so fear not. Brandon does indeed have a house and paved roads and indoor plumbing.
but those things aren't nearly so exciting to photograph.


playing: hometown glory- Adele


Unknown said...

adorable pictures! lovely dress, beautiful location and such a sweet dog!


melanie said...

love the dress! Glad you're back :)

Veronika Novotny said...

Aw, you look beautiful Sarah!! I'm loving that red dress, modcloth can do no wrong!! And so perfect paired with the red flats & cute cardy! Sending my thoughts to you and your family, sorry to hear you're going through a difficult situation! xo V

Eau de Violet said...

Lovely day to document with such cute pictures.


Eau de Violet

Natalie EL said...

Lovely outfit, and very impressed you could manage a cute dress like that on a NFLD walking trail! My husband and I were in NFLD for our honeymoon this past June, and my lovely dresses barely left my little suitcase! We hope to visit again soon, so maybe next time I'll just brave the wind/rain/misty rainy wind/etc in the name of fashion! ahaha...

Hope your family is doing well, and glad to see you back! xo