stay gold

nature's first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold
her early leaf's a flower, but only so an hour
then leaf subsides to leaf
so eden sank to grief
so dawn goes down to day,
nothing gold can stay

I scavenged this dress from the forgotten corners of my suitcase in a last-ditch effort to make another outfit post this week. I didn't have much to work with with regards to accessorizing or creativity, but I'm ok with that- the pretty sunset helped. besides, this best represents what I've been wearing lately; easy dresses and flats. minimal effort.

it's been a crazy couple months and I'm just waiting for things to feel normal again. hopefully then post quality will drastically increase. :)

dress- forever 21 // tights- american apparel // shoes- walmart
you might not be hearing much from me (again...) for the next few days. Brando's going on a trip for a week, and my computer's still out of commission. I've been using his, but now... I'm sans computer, sans photographer, and sans tripod, so I'm not sure how I'm going to do this! but I'll see what I can come up with now that I'm staying with my parents for a week.

you might just get a couple of updates with pictures of my dog.
she's a cute little weirdo.

hope your weekend was fab! ♥

playing: every rose has it's thorn- poison

pretty little things

hey guys! which of these totally cute looks should I consider treating myself to with my last little bit of moulah?
...a girl can dream, right?
there's not much else to do when you're sick. 

dresses: all modcloth
booties: 1. jeffrey campbell // 2 + 3. lulu's // 4. seychelles

playing: for Emma- Bon Iver

against the wind

one of the things I envy about the really fabulous style bloggers is how the weather always seems to cooperate. I'm sure that's not always true, but they never seem to have to deal with, say, three snow storms in a week, constant rain, or wind that just will not give you a break.

between living in northern Scotland and Newfoundland, I have never experienced this luxury.

the majority of days I venture outside to try and get outfit photos they turn out like this; hair flying, eyes squinting, trying frantically to keep my skirt down. ahh, the gorgeous east coast weather...

it was a particularly blustery day when hubs and I took a drive "around the bay," as they say on our island. all the tiny rural communities are so pretty and quaint, especially in autumn when all the leaves change colour. they're still holding out on us in that regard, but there are still plenty of photo ops between the fishing gear and the old churches. if you ask me, there's just something so photogenic about a lobster pot.

dress- modcloth // shoes- walmart
today I'm mostly trying to quell the beginning stages of a cold. the afternoon agenda includes watching epic amounts of That 70s Show and working on a little blog re-design, all while slurping down soup and green tea. oh, and did I mention I'm also dealing with some sort of eye infection, and another family crisis? yeah, this summer has not been kind to the King-Gouldings.

please autumn, pick up and rescue us. you've always been my favourite. 

playing: victoria day- Melissa McLelland

I want candy

hi friends!

so while scrambling for content here in don't-know-where-my-life-is-going Land, I made the happy discovery that I had neglected a very generous guest post from the lovely Amberly Sara! she sent this to me while on my vacation (which as you may recall was cut short, hence the forgetting to post this) and it's a winner, so I wanted to share it with you. 
Sara is just the sweetest, this post is darling, and I'm so glad I found it again! thanks Sara. :)

Hello Ocean in Your Bedroom Readers! My name is Sara and I am thrilled to be over here on a fellow Sarah's blog while she's on her last minute European Vacation with Brando! I adore all of their adventures and Sarah's fun vintage style, as well as all of the gorgeous photos! Look at me, posted up next to a brick decaying building... If only I ventured into a gorgeous sunlit park like Sarah does so perfectly.

For some reason all I want to wear this summer is longer lengths, despite the heat. I won this skirt from a giveaway from Kitsune-kun and wore it to a summer arts festival recently. Right before a light, short thunderstorm that day, I bought some cotton candy to take home to my boyfriend (who really loves Cotton Candy). When I walked up, the cotton candy boys said, "Why hello, Miss America!" and I told them, "It's Miss Cotton Candy, thank you very much."

Dress as a top - Old Navy, Skirt - Downeast Basics giveaway win, Wedges - Target

And them of course I love maxi skirts since you can hike them up over dresses! This dress from Old Navy is so soft, and I love its chambray feel, but it's a little on the short (and unusual drop-waist?) side, so layering a long skirt is perfect for prancing the in the wet rain at a free festival. 

This particular weekend I drove home to Indianapolis, Indiana to be with my family to discover the gender of my older sister's baby! She and her husband are having a baby boy, due in December! Christmas will be extra special this year :)  And as I was driving back home (8 hour drive through the flat, hot Midwest), I witnessed the a beautiful summer sunset and it reminded me of this skirt. I can't wait to wear it again, hopefully to a sunlit filled park, a la Sarah.

Safe and happy travels to Sarah and Brando! 
Can't wait to see (undoubtedly) gorgeous photos from your trip!

won't be no "where ya been?"

so, how about those unintentional blog hiatuses?

yeahhh. I fully intended to try and get back into blogging this past week, but the obstacles just kept building up! first of all, moving is always so much more daunting and hectic than you expect... Brando and I were kept pretty busy packing up our lives in one week. I'm so glad it's finally over! packing is the absolute worst.

then, to top it all off, my computer crashed. sad faaaaace. I need to replace the hard drive, which isn't too bad, but I just hope I can get all my old stuff back. anyway with all the moving I haven't gotten around to getting it fixed yet. I miss my mac. there's just something so comfortable about your own computer.

after a crazy few days, we're officially Canadian residents again. if I said it was hard leaving Aberdeen... well, frankly I'd be lying. but there are a few friendly faces I sure am going to miss, and most of the past week consisted of saying goodbyes.

I wore this outfit to a friend's birthday party. it's especially hard to dress for a specific occasion when the majority of your clothes has already been stuffed into suitcases! but I managed to throw something together. just please forgive the wrinkles.

I got this new dress as a treat for myself when I went back to Scotland. there was a sale on at Sugarhill Boutique, and hey, it's been a tough summer! the least I can do is get an adorable seashell dress. :)

the shape and cut of this are perfect and so comfy, and I just love the back. it's a wonderful dress, I like it so much I also got the sunflower print version! for the record, you can also get them at Modcloth, and I'd recommend it. 

dress- sugarhill boutique //  shoes- seychelles 

it's good to be back in Newfoundland. I'm sitting here with my best friends, eating sandwiches and drinking beer and generally just having good times. there's a lot of uncertainty coming in the next year, but there's no better place to start fresh than home sweet home!

I'm off to enjoy my saturday night, hope you do too!
playing: leave you in the morning- Chris Kirby

hometown glory

packing is quite possibly my least favourite thing. you may think that is an exaggeration, and I will concede a little, but I really think that it's right up there at the top of things I don't like, right next to vigorous exercise and Jessica Alba.

thank goodness we're almost done.

with the packing, I mean. I think exercise will have to be a part of my life fairly consistently, and unfortunately I don't think Jessica Alba's getting any less pretty or any more talented.

aaaanyways. it's nice to know that at the end of all this packing we get to go home for a little while. I'm sure it's (painfully?) obvious on this blog that I love where I come from, so while living in Newfoundland isn't top choice for a permanent plan, right now it's definitely not a bad deal.

when we were home last month I didn't have my camera (another long story that I won't bore you with...ok maybe I will, I left it on a plane). but I borrowed my sister's to take some pictures around Brandon's hometown. I tried to look vaguely style blogger-esque, but there's only so much you can do with a carry-on suitcase and uber windswept hair.

Brando's parents' dog Zac joined us on our walk. he's a squirt. to give you some indication of his personality, "Zac" is short for "Prozac." yeah.

I guess a saucy little red dress isn't exactly normal attire for a walk through the woods in rural Newfoundland (and how!), but I really needed a day when I wore something other than my pyjamas. and this dress is too cute not to show off! my favourite part is how the skirt moves and falls into this twirly handkerchief hem. lately I've kind of had an eye out for the perfect red dress and this one is definitely a keeper.

me trying a "serious" outfit pose. yikes. I'm really out of practice. or just need to readjust to looking at pictures of myself all the time... ahh, vanity, thy name is blogging.

Brando's looking mighty chipper! the sun kept coming in and out from amongst the clouds, so the lighting in these photos is all over the place. I swear it's not overdone photoshopping that's making them look that way.

dress- modcloth // cardigan- aeropostale // shoes- wal-mart can always tell when I've been home for a while when the clothes in my posts start coming up as "wal-mart." haha. nothing wrong with wal-mart, b'ys!!

I would also like to point out, since I didn't include it in any pictures, that this cardigan has a super-cute sheer polka dot back. it's super-cute, I swear.

you might be thinking, "hey, Sarah, if this is a walk around Brandon's hometown, why are there no houses? or proper streets? or even completely stable bridges? is Newfoundland really like the uncivilized dump everyone thinks it is?!"

you might think that, and those are fair questions my friends. this is, in fact, the scenic walking trail that lies within Brandon's fair hometown, so fear not. Brandon does indeed have a house and paved roads and indoor plumbing.
but those things aren't nearly so exciting to photograph.


playing: hometown glory- Adele

same old thing

hi everyone!

so, I'm back. well, sort of. I'm back in Scotland for the time being, and probably soon back to blogging.

Brando and I got back in Aberdeen yesterday and we have 11 days left to pack up everything we own and move back to Newfoundland. it's gonna be busy and very stressful, but I'm hoping to sneak in a few blog posts and get back into the swing of things! I also have a lot of plans to spruce up my layout and design and such, so hopefully I won't get super frustrated and just trash the whole thing! helpful tips?

I also really want a new banner/ header made that is mainly text-based, so if anyone wants to make me an awesome one for free that'd be alright...

anyways, hopefully you'll be hearing a lot more from me in the days to come. AREN'T YOU EXCITED??

...yeah that might be a long shot.

see you soon!