An Upcycled Beauty!

Hello friends,
My name is Melanie and I’ve been invited by Sarah to guest post on her lovely blog while she is away. Sarah and I have known each other for a lot of years. We attended university together in the beautiful city of St. John’s, Newfoundland. We took English classes together, were member of the same campus society, traveled to Malawi together, and even tied for the coveted “Gucci Award” for most fashionable girl (remember that Sarah? Hahaha). I’m very excited to be posting for Sarah, I always enjoy reading her style posts. She is very talented. Reading her blog was the push I needed to start blogging myself. My little corner of the blogging world is called Peddlin' Ideas n' Wares. I blog about everything from plus size fashion to DIY projects. Actually this post is about one of my latest DIY projects, an upcycled jewelry box. I found this lovely piece at a yardsale (I’m an admitted yardsale- aholic) for the low low cost of five dollars. I passed on the piece at first because the color did not match that of my bedroom. Later I reconsidered, and thought this would be an excellent DIY project for my next blog post. Also, my jewelry collection had grown and needed a new home. Hope you enjoy my post and if you like what you see/read scroll on over to Peddlin' Ideas n' Wares and check out some more of my DIY projects.

DIY Deets:
The supplies I used for this project were a can of spray paint; the color is “Bahama Sky”, sand paper, and a piece of cardstock.

I started out with removing the glass and photo portion of the piece. Then gave it a light sanding and cleaned the box.

Next I started to spray paint it with several coats until there was no trace of the cherry wood left.

After I achieved the color I wanted, I found a matching piece of cardstock and inserted that into the photo sections, rather than use photos. I chose a fun piece of paper with peacock feathers on it. The blues in the paper worked perfectly with the blues and browns in my room.

I added these baskets to hold my smaller jewelry, like rings and earrings. They fit perfectly; I was worried they would be too big.

The total project cost me around twenty dollars, five for the jewelry box, six for supplies, and nine for the baskets. Add to that a little elbow grease and you got yourself a great upcycled jewelry box for little cost. I’m pleased with how it turned out and so is my jewelry! Thanks again for reading!

P.S. Hey Sarah, hope you're enjoying your family and your trip!

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The consuming smell, sounds, taste, and feel of the ocean’s waves.


Hattitude said...

Hattitude Style Blog

oo neat. i'm a jewellery designer and will have to keep my eye open for something like this. what a great idea!

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Style Blog

melanie said...

Thanks Hattie! I follow your blog, you create some lovely pieces.

Unknown said...

Mel Pitman you are a star.