I'll be so alone without you, maybe you'll be lonesome too

Fair Morrow Blogland,

well, the little lady is away again. Seems that I've been spending a lot of time alone in dreary Aberdeen. I thought you folks might be interested in how I spend my time whilst Sarah is galavanting around Europe. This may be terribly boring to you all, I'm very sorry about that. I keep thinking that I would do an outfit post for you, but who am I kidding - hobo chic has yet to become a trend. I've also let myself go since Sarah has been gone, I look like a caveman with all this beard and hair.

This is what Sarah gets to come home to, lucky girl right?

Don't pity her to much though, she is, after all, having the time of her life travelling with her family; and I can make myself look half-way decent before she gets back.

Right, so back to the original focus of my post, how I've been spending my time. It would be great to say constructively, but that's a bit of a pipe-dream. Here are some of the things I've done/am doing to pass the lonely hours.

1. Clean

This is probably one of the only useful things I did in Sarah's absence, I only wish I had a camera around to document the evidence (Sarah has it with her). Sarah will tell you herself that while her and her family were back in Aberdeen for a brief interlude that the house was immaculate. Vacuumed, mopped, tidied, dusted, the whole gamut. I did things that were on my list for ages - things I've been telling Sarah, "Yeah, I'll do that tomorrow," for about 3 months.

2. Drink an obscene amount of coffee

To be fair I do this when Sarah is around too, but it escalates to a point where I could give David Grohl a run for his money, see video below for reference.

3. Play guitar

Channelling my inner Grohl with my coffee addiction I've decided to start playing guitar again - not that I've ever really stopped, but I've mostly just been playing the same old things over and over. I'm currently relearning classical gas, and this is how I look when doing such a thing.

4. Drink myself sick.... 

A normal person would drink themselves into oblivion with something like beer, or vodka - not me. I drank an entire litre of strawberry milk in about 20 minutes, followed the very next day by a litre of chocolate milk. I do not learn from past experiences it seems. This is something I used to do when Sarah and I were first dating. I'd buy a 2 litre carton and finish it within a few hours.  I LOVE MILK. I do not recommend that any of you do this, your tummy will hate you.

5. Experiment with food

I've been known to try a few food experiments - all of which I think are delicious. Sarah and my friends, however, do not. While I'm alone I get to do this because I don't have to worry about feeding someone else. Chocolatey eggs anyone?

Well that's about it, aside from the boring stuff like university work and sitting. Who doesn't like a good sit though? Anyway folks, as we would say in Newfoundland, "dat's how she goes b'y"


NaNa said...

experimenting with food my favourite hahaha thanks for the random but interesting post!

love from the NANA girls xoxo

Unknown said...

Lovely blog!

Clara Turbay said...

When I see blogs like yours I realize it's worth the time you spend sharing your ideas with others.