how long gone

well, long time no see, bloggers!

I have been back from my family vacation for four days now, and I will sheepishly admit that I have been avoiding the computer. I have so much blogging to catch up on, it's a little overwhelming! but I'm excited to share photos and stories from my travels with you, and to see what everyone has been up to while I was away. so I will persevere!

first and foremost, I would like to say a big ginormous thank you to my guest bloggers, Jen, Meanz, Mel, Hattie, Caitlin, Kyla, Kaitlin, and Brandon. I'm so thrilled and honoured to have such lovely and talented people support my funny little blog! every post was wonderful, and I appreciate them so much. you guys are the BEST!

(don't you guys agree? aren't they the best? now let's all get together and convince Caitlin to start a blog, because I feel like she would be infinitely better at it than me!)

now, just a little sneak peek at my travel photos before I fall asleep on my computer and have to clean the drool off of my keyboard in the morning... not a pleasant task, I assure you.

1. saw the Queen... twice. 
2. classic London lolz.
3. Olympic London
4. we're so good at jump pictures...
5. inside Notre Dame
6. lofty views

catch you on the flip side.
the flip side in this case, being tomorrow...
aren't you glad to have me back with all my wise and winsome ways?

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Sadie Dear said...

Oh, so jealous of your European tour! And cool that you were able to see some of the prep for the Summer Olympics. Yay!

elliebea said...

lovely blog and post!
really nice header.. how did you make it? xx

check me out..

xxyy said...

beautiful photos! xx