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Hello Dear Bloggers,
My name is Caitlin, or as my friends call me, Caitlin. Har har. Just a little humour before I get into the serious topic of what I wore the other day. I'm not a blogger (yet?) myself, but some of you may recognize me from Sarah's travel posts. She was kind enough to let me follow her around soaking up her awesomeness and Europe, alike. In fact, she's been kind enough to let me follow her around soaking up her awesomeness for years now.  I live in fear that one day she'll turn around and see my tall and disheveled, sasquatch looking self, and shoo me away with a stick. Not really though... I'm not that afraid of sticks. Well Dear Bloggers, let's move on. Business time. I know all of you at home are sitting on the edge of your seats thinking, "What did this stalker of Sarah wear most recently?" Calm down, blogger. It's cool. HERE WE GO:

Ahhhh but you still can't see the outfit! I'm hiding! what a tease...

Ok here we are for realzies! Standing on some rundlerock and all!

Top: A store in Montreal's Eaton Centre where everything is 10.99
Pants: Mango, Germany
Belt: Off a dress from Mango
Shoes: Spring, a billion years ago
Tank top (really a slip with a built in bra): Marilynn Monroe Brand, Winners

I wasn't sure about this outfit at first. I was worried that it was a little too Dorothy from the Golden Girls. It received mixed reactions from my audience- my grandparents, two aunts and an uncle. But finally it was given a thumbs up by the most important person; my mom. I'm so in love with these pants I think I may end up marrying them instead of Jason Segel, as is my current life plan. Being tall it's rare that I find things that are suppose to be long fit me well in length. I bought these pants while Sarah and I were in Germany, shopping on a rather cold rainy day. It took us a few pairs and sizes on me to figure out where the waist was suppose to sit and we decided this pair was best. I love that I can wear them with a little bit of a heel. And they really just want to make me dance around like a wild women. If only I had a nearby beach to dance on with Jason Segel.
I love the top too. I bought it from this store in Montreal where everything is 10.99 but you can't try anything on. I sadly also bought a dress in the same colour that only part of me (the non-thigh part, if you're curious, dear blogger) could fit in. I normally wear the top with a tight pencil skirt so that it gives some flow to an otherwise slim fit outfit. But I loved the two colours together so much in this outfit and I felt very 1920's, especially with the fingerwave-like ripple in my hair.
I'm currently living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada wear I was born and bred (just like the cows you may or may not eat!). I went out to visit my Grandparents in Canmore, Alberta, about an hour away from Calgary, for the weekend and that's where these pictures were taken. My lovely mother was my photographer, and this is my grandparents backyard. It's a gorgeous town, just outside of Banff National Park and I think if you're thinking of doing any travel in Canada it's a definite must see.
I followed Sarah (Sasquatch stalker again) in titling this post after a song. It's a lyric from Joni Mitchell's Carey. Joni Mitchell is a fellow Albertan and is wonderful. She's great to listen to while driving, especially through the mountains like I did for this weekend. And I feel like if Jason Segel and I are dancing on a beach, whilst I wear my pants, Carey would be a good song to do it too.
Ok what else. Pants- check. Dancing on a beach with the future Mr. Caitlin- check. Joni Mitchell- check.
Hmmm. That might be all that's important for my guest post, Dear Bloggers. I hope you've enjoyed my guest post for Sarah, although I know you must be eager to get her back. She knows how not to make orange pants into a fantasy beach scenario. Or at least she hides it better.  I want to thank Sarah for letting me write a post! I promise she will be back in all her glory and I can't wait to read about her latest travels.

Au Revior, Dear Bloggers,
xoxo Caitlintron


Alonna said...

the beginning paragraph made me giggle. (:
I quite like your outfit!


Patty said...

I love the teal and red! So lovely and whimsical!

Hattitude said...

Hattitude Style Blog
ha i liked your wit reading your writing. you should start a blog! why not!
isn't jason segel a dream boat?! sigh...

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Style Blog

Anna Brain said...

You are soooo pretty!! :)

Unknown said...

Oh Cailtin McRussell, how I miss your antics. BFFL!

Marieke said...

nice pictures!