you, me, and the weather

I'm going to attempt to go a couple blog posts without complaining about the weather. this pledge, however, will not be starting today. because the weather. is. terrible.

I've been waiting for a relatively nice day to wander out of my neighbourhood and do a sensible photo shoot in this outfit, but it's clear that Scotland has other plans. so I grew tired of waiting for the rain/wind/drizzle to stop and went to get photos anyway.

ya hear that, Scotland? you can't keep a blogger down.

and yes, it is raining slightly in these pictures. but fortunately, it was not cold or windy. so I count my blessings.

a while ago Sugarlips Apparel contacted me with an invite to their blogger affiliate program and an offer for an item to review/wear in a post. first off, I was extremely flattered and excited. free stuff! association with other cool bloggers! yay! then I checked out the site and the company, and I was even more pleased. not only do they offer cute clothes, they also seem to be considerably environmentally friendly. according to the Sugarlips website;

"Designed for ultimate comfort, sustainability, and wearability - Sugarlips Apparel seamless garments are some of the most sought after sustainable fabric blends on the planet, while leaving an eco-friendly footprint that doesn't tax the environment. Sugarlips Apparel is so soft and comfortable you may not want to take it off."

and I can definitely vouch for the last part! 

this dress is the item I received, and I absolutely love it. to be honest, at first I wasn't overly excited about it; it's fairly simple and seemed an awkward length. but as soon as I saw the dress in person and put it on, I was smitten. it's so soft and comfy, and the details are so pretty! I've already worn it twice, and it received several compliments. 

it's a very versatile wardrobe piece. today I wore it belted & layered, and with one of my new favourite necklaces; with the lace bib and the little bow-tie, I thought the look was reminiscent of a girly tuxedo! 

dress- c/o sugarlips apparel // lace bodysuit + tights- american apparel // shoes- seychelles // necklace- maryanka studio 

for this drizzly day of picture-taking hubs and I paid a visit to our nearby park. it's been a while since we wandered there among the flowers and frolicking pups. not so many people there today because of the aforementioned rain, but that makes it less embarrassing when one might, say, fall flat on one's back while attempting a few spinning photos...

not that anyone did that today, or anything. 

I can't believe June is halfway through. my, time does fly when you're... doing nothing at all. 

the big plans for tonight include frozen pizzas and a yoga dvd. the two may not appear to go together, but hey, I lead an eclectic life. I might throw in the second season of Deadwood if I'm feeling saucy. 
it is quite a saucy show, actually. 
jump back, people, I'm a wild one. :)

hope you're all enjoying your weekends, and that they've been a little sunnier than mine!
s'all for today. 
love love. 

playing: you, me, & the weather- Hawksley Workman

*ps. this is not a sponsored post; just the disclosure of a kind gesture! 


Hattitude said...

Hattitude Style Blog

i love this dress. that cute little bow is SO cute. did you put the lace or is that part of the dress? either way it's GREAT sarah

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Style Blog

Louisa said...

Beautiful dress, and outfit. The Scottish weather has been stifling my photo shoots too... I admire your courage to go out and take photos in this weather! :)

Brooke said...

These pictures are SO gorgeous. I love the scenery and dress is really lovely. It looks so soft and comfortable and I can see why you'd never want to take it off. I hope you enjoyed your night of pizza and yoga! I think I might have watched a yoga video while eating pizza once ha!