under my umbrella

tomorrow marks day one of my family vacation. I decided to bid farewell to Aberdeen in the appropriate way; with an umbrella and smile of relief.

Brando and I spent a rainy saturday doing a few last-minute errands and succumbing to junk food (I've been craving hot wings for like a week- no idea why. it's not a very common craving of mine). I'm beyond excited to be seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers tomorrow (!!), and to meet my family in London.

while I'm away I'll have the occasion to post once or twice, and I'm also delighted to say a few lovely ladies (and one thoughtful husband) have agreed to guest post here. I'm sure they'll do a wonderful job of keeping your interest, probably better than I could!

if in between, however, you find yourself for want of ways to fill the time previously occupied by my silly little blog, I have a few suggestions for you...

#1. watch Deadwood. reasons this is a good idea for you are threefold; one, Timothy Olyphant is positively beautiful. even in silly slicked back hair and a wicked moustache. and it takes one handsome son of a gun to pull off that look. 

two, it will make you feel much better about any vices you may have or be trying to overcome, particularly cursing. because compared to most of these folks I'm sure you behave like a saint. 

and three, it's just. so. good. I mean, it's all about rugged cowboys and their prostitute friends trying to make a living mining for gold in the wild west. it's an all-round feel-good family show. 
(except it's not at all. please don't allow your or anyone's children to watch this program.)

#2. dance around your living room to music not regularly associated with dancing, and do it in a fashion that you would be embarrassed to in public, or even in front of a mirror. some song suggestions are "Rock You Like a Hurricane" by Scorpions, "Peace of Mind" by Boston, and "Only the Good Die Young" by Billy Joel. trust me, it's more fun when the music does not lend itself to actual dancing. because let's face it, you probably don't have the moves like Jagger.

dress- ruche // cardigan- h&m // shoes + belt- new look // bag- jo totes 

#3. listen to the Chili Peppers. because that's what I'll be doing. particularly tomorrow. :)
more specifically, you could watch these:

peace out, bloggerinos!
I'll just be off now, having the time of my life. 
no big deal. 

playing: dosed- red hot chili peppers


Caitlintron said...

oh em gee! can I do a guest post for you too? even though I have ever so little experience? I promise not to just talk about elephants the whole time! also, I love this outfit, makes me feel like you're going to take me for tea in the rain!

melanie said...

Sarah, I love the shoes!

Alonna said...

I'm so jealous!!! I'd love to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Anyways.. hope you have funnn, although something tells me you'll be having more fun than I could ever imagine having, haha.
I also love the darling little print on your dress (:


Unknown said...

You are just too cute! The colors in this outfit look amazing together. I'm loving your shoes and the print on your dress too. Perfect!

Unknown said...

Oh, I have officially fallen in love with your blog and style! -Jessica