she came back wearing a smile

I don't know if I've mentioned this yet... except that I totally have because I don't think I've ever been  so excited for something in my life... but this weekend I get to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers!! IN REAL LIFE.
this is a big deal, guys.
I'm kinda in love with this band.

naturally, after recovering from the euphoric blackout that followed the purchasing of the tickets, the only dilemma I encountered was figuring out what to wear.

as you can probably tell if you frequent this blog at all, my everyday dress is not exactly appropriate for rock concerts or anything of the night-life persuasion. I'm very much a girly-girl when it comes to clothes. but I can't really go to huge outdoor concert in a vintage dress and ballet flats, can I? probably not.
so I spent a good amount of time pondering outdoor concert-appropriate ensembles, and this is what I've come up with so far.

1. ax paris // 2. h&m // 3. jeffrey campbell

my first instinct was to get cute with it and play up this season's vegetable trend at the same time; wear something with red hot chilli peppers on it. guys, aren't I clever? but maybe hundreds of other girls are thinking the same thing.

1. topshop // 2. modcloth // 3. new look

then I figured I'd go a little more edgy/cool with some leather and a studded shirt, paired with the coolest boots I've ever seen in my life. but I don't really own anything like this... and I'm guessing there will already be an overload of denim in attendance. so on to the next idea!

1. topshop // 2. modcloth // 3. new look

this is more my style. pretty, yet casual dress with a pair of boho-chic boots. but then again, who wants to wear white on a soccer pitch in northern England? probably not I.

1. h&m // 2. modcloth // 3. zara

you can't go to an outdoor rock show without the whole "festival" trend popping into mind, and this skirt definitely says festival. or maybe it says "cowgirl"... either way, while I love a good fox t-shirt, I'm not sure suede fringe is the look I'm going for. 

1. topshop // 2. koi story // 3. seychelles

this look is my version of rock-chick meets feminine flapper. the cut-offs are trendy and cool, but the pretty teal colour goes nicely with the delicate cami. add silver-tasseled sandals and you've got a fresh take on a classic outfit. now if only I had a pair of shorts...

...while I love all these ideas, I found a version that works best for me and is most similar to the first outfit. I'm fairly certain it's what I'll be wearing on the (second) happiest day of my life.

dressing for concerts is hard!
any other ideas on what I could wear?

playing: adventures of raindance maggie - red hot chili peppers

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Louisa said...

I'm so jealous! I must say, I love the idea of the dress covered with chilli's... I just love it, and the boots!