rain rain, go away

today I had plans to go on a photo adventure with Brando, but Aberdeen had other plans. it was cold and raining all afternoon. and I mean cold. what month is it, again?

we gave up on our adventuring ideas and stayed home to watch Deadwood instead. grabbed a couple pictures of my outfit, as intended, but I apologize for the lack of creativity and proper lighting.

as much as my spirits have been dampened by the absence of summer, they were picked up ever-so-slightly by my unicorn t-shirt. I swear this picture came directly from my 1993 bedroom wall. I had so many posters of flying unicorns. flying unicorns standing on a rainbow, flying unicorns in space, baby flying unicorns. I thought they were so beautiful. 

I was such a little nerd. 

I actually find it really hard to style this t-shirt (I can't really pull off the casual-chic look... I really can't) but I like it anyway because it's so darn nostalgic. and wonderfully nerdy. 

blazer + tights- h&m // t-shirt- new look // skirt- american apparel // shoes- primark

here's hoping for better weather over the weekend! and if not, here's hoping I don't run out of Deadwood episodes too soon. 

man, that show is intense

happy weekend, everybody!

playing: lie in our graves- Dave Matthews band


Alonna said...

I think I'm a fan of that shirt too, hehe.
I like how you styled it, even if you sometimes have issues styling it. As far as casual chicc, you can pair it with that blazer and jeans! It's be super cuteee .(:

Unknown said...

You look awesome in this fun little outfit. I have tights like that and I love them. They look really cute with your unicorn top!