quarter-life crisis

hello friends, and I hope you're enjoying this lovely month of June!
I can't believe there's a week of it gone by already. I feel like June will be a good month for me, and not just because it holds my birthday.

yep, I turned the big two-five here in Aberdeen on the 3rd. it wasn't much of an event, really. I had some yummy sushi and wine and hung out with a (very) small group of friends. I didn't really want/expect a big fuss this birthday, since nearly all my Aberdeen friends don't live here at the moment and there isn't much to do on a sunday in northern Scotland. I'm saving my birthday excitement for 26.

I did get myself a birthday dress to make the day feel special! it was only £10 and looks to me like it's sprinkled in confetti, so it seemed like a perfect fit. these photos are a little haphazard and well, crappy, because I did them with my tripod, which is broken in several places, and there were several strange older men staring at me and making me very uncomfortable. so I got out of there before I could take any sensible pictures. 

anyways. it's still a good birthday dress. 

oddly enough, I'm not too stoked about turning 25. I know a lot of people will hate me for saying this, but I feel old. too old to be where I am in life, anyways. so I guess I've been having a kind of "quarter-life crisis" as our poetic friend John Mayer would say. I feel like I really need to buckle down and starting making something of my life, and make everything I do be as good as it can be, starting with this blog. 

I've got quite a bit planned here for the next month, so now it's just a matter of making sure it comes to fruition. I really want to start actively networking and maybe getting a few more readers, and having more regular, varied posting. so if anyone has any tips, any at all, I'd be happy to hear them, since whatever I'm doing so far seems to have kind of plateaued. 

I'm also thinking of disabling comments, for the time being. I feel that if a post isn't getting commented on it makes potential readers and myself judge it a little. does that sound crazy? I just want to be able to appreciate my blog and the work I put into it without always feeling like it's for someone else's approval. and I would still be reachable through email. what do you guys think? 

dress- dorothy perkins // tights- h&m // shoes- some store in the West Ed mall! // belt- Berlin

anyway, hopefully there will be a few changes coming up. there's also a lot going on this summer in the real world, so June is turning into a month of planning. and planning's always fun, right? I just hope something goes as planned.

cross your fingers for me, please!
love love. 

playing: if I had you- a fine frenzy


melanie said...

Hey Sarah,
Lovely as always! I know I don't comment much but I read and enjoy each post. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I don't comment, but I read (and love!) every single blog. It's such an amazing collection and makes me want to put thought back into what I throw on every day.