get me outta here

the weather here has been more akin to early autumn than early summer. I vaguely remember complaining about the same thing on this blog last year around this time. last year it continued all summer. I hope this year we'll have a little more luck.

I feel silly going out in candy-coloured dresses or bare arms or any other season-appropriate attire, so I've mostly been dressing in autumn-esque outfits. pastel sundresses just don't "go" with the wool winter jackets that have been so necessary these past few weeks.

dress- modcloth // hat- topshop // boots- spring // belt + tights- american apparel

my family arrive in the UK for a visit in two weeks, and I'm crawling out of my skin with anticipation. I'm meeting them in London, which is like the tropics compared to Aberdeen, so I'll get a few days in one of my favourite cities plus a much-needed dose of vitamin D. and of course, two weeks of travel adventure and shenanigans with the fam! 

I'm itching to get out of here even more than usual. 

since the weather has been crap, free time lately has been spent planning our escape and talking about the future. hopefully soon enough the two subjects will become one, but for now hubs and I try to find excuses to leave the apartment and not go to stir-crazy. on this particular day we both had the day off, so we dragged ourselves into the gloom for coffees and pub food. the simple things. :)

I even snapped a few pictures of Brando, since he was looking especially dashing. I didn't even help him (much). ain't he cute?

I love his tie.

in other news, I've finished Friends (again), so we've started watching Deadwood. never heard so much talk of whores in my life.
outside of high school, I mean. (too obvious?)
but seriously, cowboys are kinda crazybus.

yeah. I think it's time for me to go to bed.
best wishes & better weather,


Alonna said...

The pring on your dress is absoultely darling!
I would love to have autumn-esque weather like you. Where I am, it's sooo unbearably hot!
Enjoy your family time!

Unknown said...

Oh I love these boots to death! Too cute! And combined with the dress it does make a pretty autumnal palette :)

Rai xx

Unknown said...

Your dress is fantastic! I love the sleeves and the detail at the collar. It's such a great color too.