blue jean baby

I've made it my mission this summer (if the season ever decides to grace us with its presence) to find the perfect pair of denim cut-offs.

I've never really been one for shorts, but cut-offs just look so darn cool. studded, distressed, lacy, or tie-dyed; these shorts suit every style from boho hippie to punk babe. I'm drooling over the uber-distressed and studded kind, and the acid-wash dip dyes! and while everyone and their dog rushes to the nearest mall for a pair of American flag denim hot pants, lets not dismiss the aesthetic qualities of the good ol' maple leaf!

these are some of my favourite styles from around the web...

5. koi story // 6. topshop // 7. topshop // 8. hanmattan
9. new look // 10. vagrant vintage co. // 11. stephers mcpeppers // 12. topshop
13. turn up the volume // 14. miss domineek // 15. koi story // 16. glorious morn

I feel like if I can finally find a pair to accommodate my shapely thighs, I could live in a good pair of denim shorts and a super-baggy tank top. I think it's a very "California cool" look. and believe me, I'd much rather be "California cool" right now than "Scotland chilly."

what's your favourite denim short?

tiny dancer- Elton John


Anonymous said...

4 and 6!! (Ps good Elton choice)

Natalie EL said...

Oooooh, 1, 9, 10, and 15 are all quite fab!!

also, been loving all the posting lately!! I've been reading for quite a bit, and have never really said hello! Really enjoy your blog, but even more so as a Canadian girl who used to live in Glasgow!

cheers! xx