all by myself

time for a quick update on the London situation!

I was supposed to meet my family at the airport very early this morning and get our vacationing started... unfortunately their flight was very delayed and they didn't arrive till late tonight. it's been a lonely couple of days wandering the city by myself, but even though I had nothing to do (I spent a good 20 minutes giggling at swans in the park) I was constantly reminded of how much I love it here. London is just so great.

here are a few quick pictures from my Londontown alone time.

1. arriving in King's Cross Station
2. heading to the hostel
3. walking through Holland Park
4. lots of puppies playing 
5. the pretty part of the hostel...
6. not too shabby
7. self portrait
8. a picture of consumerism...
9. I was that afternoon!
10. Holland Park gate
11. exploring the gardens
12. the perfect alcove to read Margaret Atwood
13. summer :)

and now, the real fun begins!

playing: the mistress- Amelia Curran

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Unknown said...

Ahhh, London...A place I have not yet had the luck to explore...Some day.... Sigh... Lovely pictures, by the way!-Jessica