Watercolor dress

m 62812-2 62812-3 62812-4

what i wore: 
watercolor dress c/o El Vintage (similar)
baby blue drop necklace from DMAC gift shop (similar)
black floppy hat from Forever 21 (similar)
pink cat eye sunnies from Sunglass Warehouse (similar)
baby blue belt thrifted (similar)
gray cloth mary janes from Urban Outfitters
dconstruct resin sequin bracelet from DMAC giftshop
Escama pop tab recycled bracelet from DMAC giftshop (similar)
cluster ring from DMAC giftshop (similar)
white and aged gold stretch ring from Forever 21 (similar)

Hello The Ocean in your Bedroom readers, Meanz here from Koi Story. I'm excited to be here and to guest post for Sarah while she is on vacation! I hope she has a lot of fun!

So, how great is this dress?! It's perfect for any outing and I always feel super classy in it! I love the cool tones of this outfit, it really compliments the crazy heat wave we've been having here!

How do you wear cool tones?!

JennifHsieh Remix: Rust-colored Scallops

While Sarah is away, we're guest blogging for each other! I'm so excited to be blogging for Sarah since I've been reading her blog for a while now. I know she's going to have an amazing time running all over Europe - personally, I can't wait to see her pictures from her adventures.

In the meantime, I thought I'd take this opportunity to share how I remix one of my favorite items in my closet. A few years ago, I came across this skirt in my local Zara (before it went out of business) and I couldn't get over (1) the beautiful rust color and (2) the scalloped pockets. Without the scalloped pockets it would just be any other skirt. But it had the pockets, so I fell in love. It's a constant staple in my closet and I always resort to it when I need some quick outfit inspiration. Check out a few of the ways I've worn it over the past year. It's actually kind of bittersweet looking through these pictures since I miss my long hair.

Don't forget to check out my blog to follow along my adventures in New Jersey and NYC. :)

all by myself

time for a quick update on the London situation!

I was supposed to meet my family at the airport very early this morning and get our vacationing started... unfortunately their flight was very delayed and they didn't arrive till late tonight. it's been a lonely couple of days wandering the city by myself, but even though I had nothing to do (I spent a good 20 minutes giggling at swans in the park) I was constantly reminded of how much I love it here. London is just so great.

here are a few quick pictures from my Londontown alone time.

1. arriving in King's Cross Station
2. heading to the hostel
3. walking through Holland Park
4. lots of puppies playing 
5. the pretty part of the hostel...
6. not too shabby
7. self portrait
8. a picture of consumerism...
9. I was that afternoon!
10. Holland Park gate
11. exploring the gardens
12. the perfect alcove to read Margaret Atwood
13. summer :)

and now, the real fun begins!

playing: the mistress- Amelia Curran
hi guys! 
while I'm off galavanting around London today, you can also check out my guest post over at JennifHsieh!
(it features the outfit pictured below...)
Jen has the most wonderful blog, and I'm super excited that I get to post for her.
and she'll be blogging here in just a couple days.
so head on over and take a peek!

rock you like the 80s

if you happen to be reading this on Sunday, June 24th, 
then be assured that I am currently the happiest girl on the earth. 

under my umbrella

tomorrow marks day one of my family vacation. I decided to bid farewell to Aberdeen in the appropriate way; with an umbrella and smile of relief.

Brando and I spent a rainy saturday doing a few last-minute errands and succumbing to junk food (I've been craving hot wings for like a week- no idea why. it's not a very common craving of mine). I'm beyond excited to be seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers tomorrow (!!), and to meet my family in London.

while I'm away I'll have the occasion to post once or twice, and I'm also delighted to say a few lovely ladies (and one thoughtful husband) have agreed to guest post here. I'm sure they'll do a wonderful job of keeping your interest, probably better than I could!

if in between, however, you find yourself for want of ways to fill the time previously occupied by my silly little blog, I have a few suggestions for you...

#1. watch Deadwood. reasons this is a good idea for you are threefold; one, Timothy Olyphant is positively beautiful. even in silly slicked back hair and a wicked moustache. and it takes one handsome son of a gun to pull off that look. 

two, it will make you feel much better about any vices you may have or be trying to overcome, particularly cursing. because compared to most of these folks I'm sure you behave like a saint. 

and three, it's just. so. good. I mean, it's all about rugged cowboys and their prostitute friends trying to make a living mining for gold in the wild west. it's an all-round feel-good family show. 
(except it's not at all. please don't allow your or anyone's children to watch this program.)

#2. dance around your living room to music not regularly associated with dancing, and do it in a fashion that you would be embarrassed to in public, or even in front of a mirror. some song suggestions are "Rock You Like a Hurricane" by Scorpions, "Peace of Mind" by Boston, and "Only the Good Die Young" by Billy Joel. trust me, it's more fun when the music does not lend itself to actual dancing. because let's face it, you probably don't have the moves like Jagger.

dress- ruche // cardigan- h&m // shoes + belt- new look // bag- jo totes 

#3. listen to the Chili Peppers. because that's what I'll be doing. particularly tomorrow. :)
more specifically, you could watch these:

peace out, bloggerinos!
I'll just be off now, having the time of my life. 
no big deal. 

playing: dosed- red hot chili peppers

my bags are packed

with a mere two days till I leave for vacation, I've got packing on the brain once again. while packing in real life is only slightly more enjoyable than unpacking, doing it digitally can be a lot of fun!

I put together a little travel wardrobe appropriate for two weeks of summer in Europe. I'll be sticking to the UK and France, so it should be plenty warm (please God, let it be warm!) but not stifling hot. all you need are light layers in pretty summer shades.

1, 8, 9, & 12 - topshop
2 & 14 - new look
4, 5, 6, 11, 13, & 15 - modcloth
7 & 10 - ruche

I like that everything in this virtual suitcase is mix-and-match. you can throw that blazer on over anything, wear the shorts with any of those tops. the best way to pack a suitcase is so you can wear the same things over and over, without it ever looking like a repeat! and coordinated accessories make every outfit look pulled-together.

I think this is also one of my favourite colour palettes right now; pretty pastels and candy-colours in light fabrics. 

here are some of the ways I would wear this travel wardrobe:







now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to my real life packing! where unfortunately, everything is not quite so beautifully coordinated, so I have to work a little harder. 

oh, and please cross your fingers for me that this dreadful cold goes away before I leave! 
love love.

playing: why do you let me stay here- she & him

you are my sunshine

people kept telling me today that I looked very summery. I can live with that! Ghandi said "be the change you want to see in the world," right? well, we could use a little more "summery" goodness around here. the weather might not be summery but by golly, my outfits sure will.

scarf- vintage // top- some store in Berlin // jeans- h&m (gift) // sandals- gift

it was the first time since I got back from Greece that I had occasion to break out my birthday gift from the Poet Sandal Maker shop (which I talked about here!). I cannot tell you enough how much I love these sandals. I just think they are so cool, and go with everything. 

I'm also wearing another birthday gift- my mint jeans! they're actually the mint-blue instead of the mint-green because of sizing issues (oh, I'm sorry I have thighs, h&m), but I'm cool with that. I love them. now I just have to get as comfortable in them as I am in a dress...

in other news, this rain is seriously starting to kill me. but I promise that's all I'll say about it. 
I just have to make it to this weekend, then it's three weeks of family, travel, and adventure! 
four. more. days. 

playing: angels hung around- rilo kiley

she came back wearing a smile

I don't know if I've mentioned this yet... except that I totally have because I don't think I've ever been  so excited for something in my life... but this weekend I get to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers!! IN REAL LIFE.
this is a big deal, guys.
I'm kinda in love with this band.

naturally, after recovering from the euphoric blackout that followed the purchasing of the tickets, the only dilemma I encountered was figuring out what to wear.

as you can probably tell if you frequent this blog at all, my everyday dress is not exactly appropriate for rock concerts or anything of the night-life persuasion. I'm very much a girly-girl when it comes to clothes. but I can't really go to huge outdoor concert in a vintage dress and ballet flats, can I? probably not.
so I spent a good amount of time pondering outdoor concert-appropriate ensembles, and this is what I've come up with so far.

1. ax paris // 2. h&m // 3. jeffrey campbell

my first instinct was to get cute with it and play up this season's vegetable trend at the same time; wear something with red hot chilli peppers on it. guys, aren't I clever? but maybe hundreds of other girls are thinking the same thing.

1. topshop // 2. modcloth // 3. new look

then I figured I'd go a little more edgy/cool with some leather and a studded shirt, paired with the coolest boots I've ever seen in my life. but I don't really own anything like this... and I'm guessing there will already be an overload of denim in attendance. so on to the next idea!

1. topshop // 2. modcloth // 3. new look

this is more my style. pretty, yet casual dress with a pair of boho-chic boots. but then again, who wants to wear white on a soccer pitch in northern England? probably not I.

1. h&m // 2. modcloth // 3. zara

you can't go to an outdoor rock show without the whole "festival" trend popping into mind, and this skirt definitely says festival. or maybe it says "cowgirl"... either way, while I love a good fox t-shirt, I'm not sure suede fringe is the look I'm going for. 

1. topshop // 2. koi story // 3. seychelles

this look is my version of rock-chick meets feminine flapper. the cut-offs are trendy and cool, but the pretty teal colour goes nicely with the delicate cami. add silver-tasseled sandals and you've got a fresh take on a classic outfit. now if only I had a pair of shorts...

...while I love all these ideas, I found a version that works best for me and is most similar to the first outfit. I'm fairly certain it's what I'll be wearing on the (second) happiest day of my life.

dressing for concerts is hard!
any other ideas on what I could wear?

playing: adventures of raindance maggie - red hot chili peppers