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hello again, dear friends! it's been a full and pleasant day here at the King-Goulding household; after work hubs and I grabbed dinner then headed off to see the new Wes Anderson movie, Moonrise Kingdom. I gotta say, I think it's my favourite of his films! it's so wonderfully weird- as one would expect from Wes Anderson- and cute and funny. definitely go see it, definitely.

anyways after the walk home we did a bit of weekend planning, watched a couple episodes of Friends, and here we are. a full and pleasant day.
the fullness means I'm kinda lazy now, so I'm taking a break from travel posting this evening to dwell on something a little more superficial.

my birthday is coming up on Sunday- and by the way I have no idea how it crept up on me so fast- so today's post is just a few pretty things to maybe get me in the birthday mood. which I am not, as of yet. I thought I'd go with a couple balloon pictures, cause, well, what better way to start a birthday than with balloons? and then throw in a mish-mash last-minute birthday wish list.
well, birthday clothing wishlist. because that's the easiest kind to make, and I honestly can't think of anything overly interesting that I want for my birthday. I told you, it crept up on me.

** image 1 // image 2 via google // image 3 via pinterest

this compilation is basically everything I've seen on the internet that I've wanted in the past five months. excluding vintage things, which are harder to make cute collages from! 
wishes include a small mountain of Modcloth dresses (polka dots seem to be my weakness), mint green jeans (although I actually want the pair from h&m, but there's no good pictures of them online!), and a powder blue blazer. also I am just now noticing that a pair of distressed denim shorts have somehow removed themselves from the collage, but you get the idea.

#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, + 11 - Modcloth
#6, 7, 8, 9, + 10 - Topshop
#12 - Seychelles

hope you all get to start the weekend of wonderfully.

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Hattitude said...

Hattitude Style Blog

happy early birthday sarah!

how did you see moonrise kingdom already!? is it out in scotland? ah i cannot wait to see it. it looks FANTASTIC!

talk soon wild child
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