it's been such a long time

hello everybody!

long time no... read? haha 

I'm back from the most amazing vacation ever. it's been a long time and I'm having some difficulty sinking back into everyday life (especially with so many lovely friends leaving Aberdeen), but I have LOTS of great material for the blog! I took about 900 photos while I was gone, so be prepared for another detailed look into my travels. 

I'd also like to say thanks to my friends who guest posted here while I was away, Hattie, Brandon, and Kaitlin. it's so nice to have such fun and talented and lovely people to call on! if any of you ever need it, I'd be happy to return the favour.

so now I'll be getting back to editing my near-thousands of pictures and watching Friends reruns, but I should be back to regular posting later today! I even have a post that didn't get finished from right before I left, so that will be up in a couple hours. so stay tuned! and thanks for sticking with me. 

catch you later, alligators. 

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melanie said...

Welcome back Sarah. Glad you had a good trip. Missed your postings.