is it love or is it Paris

bon jour, mes amis!

it's about time I started sharing some of the million photos of my little european adventure. like any good story, I'll start at the very beginning (a very good place to start). and the beginning of my recent trip was in Paris, where I met up with my AWESOME friend, Caitlin.

both of us had been to Paris before, so there wasn't any pressure to go everywhere and see everything. we mostly just walked around, enjoying the sunshine and each other's company! we hit a couple major attractions along the way, but it was a very chill couple of days. especially since one of them happened to be a national holiday, so there wasn't much opened anyways...

our first (and only full) day was spend strolling by the Seine. we walked through the Jardin Tuileries, then down past Notre Dame, then got crepes and ate by the river. this is about when I mysteriously dropped my lens cap into the Seine. I say mysteriously because neither of us saw it happen, but it's the only logical explanation for its disappearance. 

this time I got a few pictures of the Pont de l'Archeveche bridge which is covered in "love locks." sweethearts are supposed to write their names on a lock and hang it on a bridge. apparently this newish tradition is all over the world, but this particular bridge behind Notre Dame seems pretty popular. I didn't really know anything about it till I read Jen's post on Paris, so I went to see for myself!

after our riverside wander and a delectable croque monsieur, we headed to the Eiffel tower to bask in the sun and atmosphere. I got photo-happy and Caitlin got a cotton candy bigger than her head. 

we did the Parisian thing and had tiny coffees in outdoor cafes. and no, neither of us has ever smoked, but you gotta admit, the picture smoking in a Paris cafe looks pretty cool.
...but it's not cool. don't smoke, kids. not even for the French. 

on day two in Paris, before our flight to city number two, we made a little visit to a couple museums. we had breakfast at the Louvre, and I had the most delicious mille feuilles pastry of all time while Caitlin fed half of hers to a pigeon with one leg. who later accosted her with wing-flapping and aggressive hovering. we didn't go into the Louvre, though, because we had both been there before, and we were more interested in heading to the Musee d'Orsay this time.

which is what we did.

we went to check out the Degas exhibit, which was really cool, and which you are apparently not supposed to take pictures of. I just got the one of the sculpture. but I distinctly remember taking tons of pictures the last time I was there, so apparently the rules have changed since 2009. 

if you haven't been to the d'Orsay, I'd highly recommend it. it has a lot of famous works by big-name painters like Monet and Van Gogh, so most people will recognize something, and it's in a beautiful building that used to be a train station. 
I'm not all that into art museums; I like to go in, find what I'm interested in seeing, then leave. I don't meander and spend minutes poring over each painting. so I like the d'Orsay because there are famous paintings, and also pretty paintings (there's a lot of impressionist art). these keep my attention. and then, the museum is relatively small, so it's not exhausting. definitely a nice rainy-day activity, anyways. 

that was pretty much it for Paris! we ate many delicious sandwiches, drank French wine, and enjoyed the general Parisian vibe. it was my fifth time in the city of lights, and I don't think I'll ever tire of it. everything is just so... iconic. everywhere you turn there's something famous or something old or something beautiful. 

and I mean, who would get tired of this?

pas moi! vive le France!

hope you enjoyed my (very select few) photos. be back soon for Caitlin & Sarah's Eurotrip, part two! 

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