wanna go to the seaside?

I've had this blog for a while now. relatively, I mean. over three years it's grown and changed just as I have. I'd like to think that I convey a sense of myself fairly accurately in my little corner of the web, but I'm sure some of you feel like you don't know me at all.

for those of you still getting to know me, here's a quick list of some things I love:

1- getting mail
2- sunshine
3- days I don't have to work

so as you might guess, I am extremely happy when all three of these things occur on the same day. wednesday was one of those days.

...betcha thought this was the start of some meaningful, self-affirming post, didn't you?
yeah. nope.

my little sailboat dress finally arrived! I was so happy that I didn't even mind the mail man waking me up with his obnoxiously perky knock at 8:30 in the morning (I am not an early riser, another essential thing you must know about me). 

I had admired this cutie from afar for months before gathering the courage- and the funds- to make her my own. and we are in love. 

hubs and I were out errand-running and coffee-getting in the sunshine when I thought, where better to get outfit photos of a sailboat dress than with a bunch of other boats? so we took a stroll by the harbour.  it's probably the most colourful part of Aberdeen, with all the brightly painted ships and orange safety gear. it worked out pretty well. 

dress- ruche // cardigan + tights- american apparel // belt- fr. a vintage dress // shoes- primark

once we had concluded our little seaside excursion we did a quick grocery run so I could make enchiladas for dinner. I use this awesome recipe I found through pinterest- it's one of my new faves! add some spanish rice and a light beer, and your night will be made. I personally guarantee it. and that is exactly what we did, while watching season three of United States of Tara. incidentally, a good tv show is another major love of mine. 

so you see, wednesday was a good day for me. 
I hope you feel you know me a little bit better now. 

love love!

playing: easily- red hot chilli peppers


Unknown said...

Aw your sailboat dress is so awesome! I'm in love with that adorable print and the pretty color of it. These pictures turned out great. Such a nice background.

20 YORK STREET said...

OH your photos are so stunning… same as you! I love how dreamy the port location is!

And you make me want enchiladas now!


Twenty York Street
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melanie said...

Lovely dress Sarah!

amberly said...

I love this, your photography is beautiful and so is your colors in your clothes!! I love the collar of your dress, and how your hair is pinned back!

Oooh and the belt matches the blue in the boat behind you!! Ahh, its all so stunning, Sarah!! Amazing!

And I will have to make those enchiladas asap this week....