through the trees

one thing that never fails to cheer me up in the rainy spring weather is a cherry blossom tree. we don't have many at home, and I always thought they were so beautiful.

when I was a kid we used to go to our family cabin with my grandparents every summer. I say cabin, but it was more like a "summer house" because it was the house my Grandma grew up in, and it was in town (albeit a tiny village of a town). anyways, our relatives there had a tiny cherry tree orchard, and I always loved seeing it, even though I never liked the cherries. I liked picking them, though. and homemade cherry jelly is delicious.

I think if I ever have a house of my own I want a yard filled with cherry blossom trees. or just live on a city street lined lined with them. they're just the prettiest spring sight.
and cherry jelly is a must.

dress- dorothy perkins // jacket- new look // necklace- fr. Marrakesh // boots- aldo (gift)

this is my other Glasgow outfit. this is basically your typical walk-around day, touristy-stuff, versatile travel outfit. comfy, casual, cute. I've been wearing this jacket everywhere; denim jackets really are perfect for everything. when it's warmer, at least. 

I would also like to note that it is driving me mad that in nearly every photo my hand is in my hair. in case anyone noticed (before I drew unnecessary attention to it now), it's because the wind kept blowing my hair into my face. 

so that's that. 

guess it's back to the daily grind now, folks! happy mondays, but happier tuesdays. 
have a good one! 

playing: leave you in the morning- Chris Kirby


Unknown said...

These pictures are so pretty. What a nice spring setting. Your striped dress is awesome and the denim jacket looks great with it.

amberly said...

Your makeup is lovely and that jacket is a stunner!! And oh what gorgeous trees!! I love the colors in that dress, especially in stripes!

Now I want to try cherry jelly... <3