so long, farewell

well, the day has finally come!
it's my last day in Aberdeen for nearly three weeks. I leave for Paris bright and early tomorrow morning. I don't think words can adequately describe how happy I am to be going on this trip. I could really use a vacation.
(note; using a vacation not to be confused with "working very hard")

today there was actually lovely weather to scurry about doing last-minute things. bought some toothpaste, got band-aids, borrowed a jacket. I stopped by Union Terrace Gardens on my way home to snap some photos in a secluded little corner where no one would notice me. a key quality when taking outfit pictures alone.

dress- vintage // cardigan- new look // shoes- primark // earrings- flea market

it's a shame the pretty shade of this dress doesn't photograph well. it's such a lovely pale pink. 
today I went kind of eclectic with the ensemble, as my mind was scattered. but I think it worked out ok.  I'll be working with a very limited wardrobe for the next while so a little spontaneity was welcome. :)

and with that, I bid you adieu, fair bloggers! I have a few guest posters while I'm away, and might sneak in a quick update or two, so don't be strangers. see you in three weeks! 

love & happy trails. 

playing: paper wings- rise against

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amberly said...

This outfit is gorgeous!! Pale pink and purple, with a dash of pastel blue?! And a top bun!? Love it all, you're so gorgeous, Sarah!

Safe travels lover!

P.S. It will be refreshing and inspiring when you return to your closet after your trip :)