raindrops on roses & whiskers on kittens

hello again, bloggerinos, and welcome to a whole new week!
how do they keep flying by so fast?
not that I'm about to complain, because the sooner this week is over the sooner I'm off on my European jaunt. and we all love a little jaunting now and then.
(that was not meant to sound as dirty as it does.)
I'm going to have to start wearing days of the week underpants to keep better track of time.

dress + scarf- vintage fr. etsy // blazer- topshop // shoes- seychelles

I'm pretty sure nothing makes me happier than vintage dresses. ok, not nothing... puppies, friends, red wine, Brando... but they're pretty high on the list. I got this one from an amazing etsy shop called Gogo Vintage AND the best part is they were lovely enough to send a free vintage scarf with my order! and no, I'm not "affiliated" with the shop or anything, just a grateful fan! haha so check it out. 

isn't this dress so cute and prairie-girl? I need to find a wheat field to frolic in, asap. 

I also met a new puppy friend! what a sweetie. he came over for cuddles and he was so happy. I love how it kinda looks like he's smiling in the last picture! 

man, I can't wait to move someplace more permanent and get a dog. in the age-old cat vs. dog argument, I am way on the dog side. I had a cat for a bit, and he was crazy. scarred me for life (both literally and figuratively). 
don't get me wrong, I like kitties. I just don't understand or fully trust them. :)

which probably says more about me than I realize, cause I feel like every great blog girl lives in a city, has redic photography skills, and has a cat. 0 for 3 on that one. 

so we've covered underpants, dresses, fields, and kitties in one post. I think that's enough for today, boys and girls. thanks for navigating my hummingbird subconscious thus far. and goodnight!

playing: can't make you love me- bon iver


Unknown said...

This dress is so cute! What a fantastic color. Also your new dog friend is cute too!

amberly said...

I have saved these photos in my queue for awhile now -- you look so good! Mint and orange are a fantastic combination I have never thought of before!!

Freakin' adorable Sarah... <3