the minor fall, the major lift

we're almost at the helm of another weekend, but I still haven't told you much about our last one! or the one before, even. so I have a few pictures to share of our chill, homebody-livin' ways.

it's the simple life, but we like it. ♥

a giant cup of coffee; the best way to start the day, so probably the best way to start the post.
the daily quest to decide what to wear...
pictures from the highly undocumented Easter dinner. do you know how difficult it is to get a turkey in Scotland? very. (ps. that's my friend Billy doin' the carving.) 
self-portrait while waiting for life to happen. 
life, happening! Kaitlin's mama brought us sweet treasures from North America. :)
we went with the "home food" theme and Brando made toutons for us.
a feast of happiness & the simple pleasures.
chillin' with some travel planning.
my future sugar daddy. future because right now I'm the one bringing home the bacon (even though the bacon is very cheap and the gross Scottish version).

this weekend will probably be even less eventful, since I'm working. but I'm sure I'll still find time for coffee and the occasional good company. that's pretty much all we need around here. 

hope you're all enjoying your week! 
peace & chocolate chip cookies. 

playing: hallelujah- Rufus Wainwright 


Kaitlin said...

Yayay! Love the photos!!!! We are a pretty awesome group of North Americans!

amberly said...

What on earth is a touton?! I have to look it up...and I'll send you all the mac and cheese you want :) Hope you had a lovely weekend this past weekend! I love the lifestyle snaps <3

20 YORK STREET said...

Oh Kraft Dinner!

Always a classic favourite!


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