I watched you fly on paper wings

I thought I'd break from the thousands of wedding pictures and do a spring outfit post! turns out trying to pick your favourite wedding portraits out of 200 isn't such a quick and easy process. :)

while the weather here has been abismal, on wednesday the skies cleared long enough for me to at least pretend spring was here. I dressed accordingly. except for maybe the heels... not so great for walking through damp grass!

dress- vintage via etsy // belt- off another dress // floral headband- primark // tights- american apparel // heels- jeffrey campbell via modcloth

I'm absolutely in love with this dress. I love when I find the ideal vintage online trifecta; exactly the kind of dress I've been looking for, perfect size for me, and is even better in person. this dress has the trifecta! I'm definitely in a gingham phase.

I find online shopping so much more therapeutic than the regular kind. I mean, obviously I greatly enjoy both. but online I judge whether or not things will fit by measurements, not by trial-and-error in the fitting room that usually winds up hurting my feelings. also, you get mail. I love getting mail.

there really isn't enough personal mail going around these days, I tell you.

but while the merits of online shopping are many, my sleeping hours are not. so this is the part where I say goodnight and abruptly end the post.

playing: paper wings- rise against


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh this is fabulous! You look like a fairy goddess mix!

Unknown said...

Your dress is absolutely fantastic! You definitely look so perfect for spring. What a great dress and I love the floral crown with it.