give me your forever

this weekend seems to have swallowed up my plans to post more of our wedding pictures. that generally means it was a good weekend. :)

I am anxious to keep posting these pics though! I'm having fun looking through all of them again. but, it is making me desperately miss my wonderful friends. champagne problems, right?

here are a few photos of the ceremony and the bridal party. the best looking bridal party in the world, by the way.

once again, all photos thanks to W. Scott Chester Photography and their artistic prowess!

we had a simple ceremony at a beautiful church in downtown St. John's. as you can see, it was very much still winter, so an indoor ceremony was a must. we kept it short & sweet- as short as possible, at least, and still with little personal touches.

I walked down the aisle to Forever by Ben Harper, which was one of the first songs Brando and I ever listened to together, one of the first times we ever hung out. my cousin read a John Keats poem because he's my favourite. my grandfather & a family friend (both of whom are pastors) performed the ceremony. Brandon's cousin played guitar for us (a Jason Mraz song) while we signed the register. and finally, we walked out to Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates! which was probably my favourite part, a little bit because it reminded me of 500 Days of Summer and thus made me feel a smidgen like Zooey Deschanel.

after that bit, the real fun began! 

next up, reception photos! those are fun, you won't wanna miss it.
hope you all had a happy weekend!

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Janessa said...

Love seeing your wedding photos again (yes I know I could look them up on fb anytime). You were such a beauty that day! Still are! Happy 1 year!

amberly said...

Goosebumps as I scrolled through these...fighting back tears at the picture perfect 'you may kiss the bride'....

Dammit Sarah!! Right before I go to bed, too...

Your ceremony sounds like so much fun...I love all of your music choices, and how great to have people close to you marry you too!

You are such a beauty and I love Brando's grey suit!!

More, more! Encore!!

Evie said...

Beautiful pictures, Sarah!! I loveeeee your dress :O