get the party started!

I apologize for my blog slacking again. I'd like to offer a valid excuse, but I have none other than a deep emersion in watched Bones on dvd. it's been great!

I'm almost done with posting the wedding pictures, although the ones here are only the tip of the iceberg of how many were actually taken! it's hard narrowing it down... hence the "read more" option down at the bottom, there. there are a lot of photos, but I happen to thing they're all pretty great. here are my faves from the party time...

all photos by W. Scott Chester Photography.

click below for more pictures and to read about our reception!

we had the reception at one of our favourite restaurants in St. John's, the Yellow Belly. we loved the red brick walls and the rustic decor, yes, but the main reason was the amazing food! that was very high on our list of priorities.

we had tomato soup, poached salmon with citrus hollandaise, sweet potato wedges, roasted vegetables, and my favourite valpolicella ever. yum! it was one of the best meals ever (especially when you add the chocolate, coconut-creme-filled, buttercream iced cake). too bad I was so excited/anxious I could barely eat a bite!

yes, I realize I just spent a whole paragraph on the food, but like I said, it was a high priority.

we had a friend's band from my hometown play after the meal, and everyone had a blast! we danced till they ran out of songs. then me and Brando went out for pizza- by that time I was a lot less anxious and a lot more hungry. :)

while I'm the first to admit the day didn't go exactly as planned, the reception was so. much. fun. and our friends all agree, which makes me very happy. it was most definitely a great day.

one last wedding post, then back to regular ol' outfits! last but not least are all of our portrait adventures around our beautiful city.

see ya around! (metaphorically...)


Kaitlin said...

I love looking at your pictures! ...Hence the reason I sat with you through 5 million of them yesterday. :-D Y'all are awesome! xo, K

Anonymous said...

Hi would love some advice/info about costs etc. as we're thinking about having our reception here and yours looks awesome, email is or Melissa.jean.butt