so long, farewell

well, the day has finally come!
it's my last day in Aberdeen for nearly three weeks. I leave for Paris bright and early tomorrow morning. I don't think words can adequately describe how happy I am to be going on this trip. I could really use a vacation.
(note; using a vacation not to be confused with "working very hard")

today there was actually lovely weather to scurry about doing last-minute things. bought some toothpaste, got band-aids, borrowed a jacket. I stopped by Union Terrace Gardens on my way home to snap some photos in a secluded little corner where no one would notice me. a key quality when taking outfit pictures alone.

dress- vintage // cardigan- new look // shoes- primark // earrings- flea market

it's a shame the pretty shade of this dress doesn't photograph well. it's such a lovely pale pink. 
today I went kind of eclectic with the ensemble, as my mind was scattered. but I think it worked out ok.  I'll be working with a very limited wardrobe for the next while so a little spontaneity was welcome. :)

and with that, I bid you adieu, fair bloggers! I have a few guest posters while I'm away, and might sneak in a quick update or two, so don't be strangers. see you in three weeks! 

love & happy trails. 

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plan your escape

so in case I haven't mentioned it enough times already, I'm going on a little trip next week.
"yeah yeah, Sarah, we know."

I'm starting the somewhat stressful process of packing, and right now I'm in the first stage; meaning packing in my mind as opposed to real life. I'm going for a fairly long time with very limited luggage space, and also hitting four different countries, so packing is going to be a challenge.
well, challenge accepted.

I've come up with what I think is a well-rounded and versatile travelling wardrobe, and even made a similar one to share with you! here are some ideas that might help you when packing for a long holiday on luggage restrictions.

obviously I did not include accessories or essentials (as in pyjamas or underwear), but here are some items that work well in a mix-and-match system.

1. a lightweight, not-denim jacket that you can throw on with jeans, or over a pretty dress. // Wearhouse via Debenhams

2. a black&white polka dot blouse- patterns liven up neutral separates, and black&white goes with just about everything. // Mink Pink via (sold out!)

3. a bright cardi in one of your favourite colours- I picked turquoise because I love wearing it with absolutely everything these days, so I know I'll like it with any of my travel outfits. // New Look

4. a long, pastel chiffon button down- can be worn tied over a dress, ticked into jeans, or belted over leggings as a tunic. pick a not-quite neutral pastel. // American Apparel

5. a black cardigan- this one is self explanatory. // H&M

6. a denim jacket- cute and casual for sightseeing, great for all types of weather! // New Look

7. a pretty, feminine top in a neutral colour- try not to only bring black as your neutral. this top is sweet and pretty, and more "spring" than a black one. // Modcloth

8. an embroidered tunic/mini dress- the embroidery makes it interesting without the limitations of an all-over print. can be worn with jeans for a bohemian look, or leggings when it's warm.  // Modcloth

9. a floral corset top- sexy & stylish, and great for layering. // Topshop

10. an irresistibly cute sundress- this one has a retro village print. need I say more? // Oasis

11. a white dress- becomes a completely different outfit when you change or add accessories. I picked a maxi dress because it can be both beachy & semi-formal, and this one has a beautiful lace back. // Topshop

12. a fun maxi dress- for hot days that you don't feel like shaving your legs. :) // Modcloth

13. a neon skirt- a bright colour will liven up the neutrals in your suitcase, and is more easily mixed-and-matched than you might think. // Modcloth

14. a neutral midi skirt- yes, more neutrals, but this skirt lets your top and accessories do the talking. the length means you won't have to worry about rising hemlines or sitting positions all day. easy peasy. // American Apparel

15. a pair of jeans- I like distressed denim for spring/summer because it's casual and cool. // New Look

16. a sweet, simple dress- easy throw-on-and-go outfit, and can be worn as is, or layered with other separates. // H&M

17. pale pink ballet flats- pretty & comfortable. the pink is girly but almost works as a neutral with the rest of the wardrobe. // Jeffrey Campbell

18. Toms have got to be the best travel shoes of all time. so comfy for when you're on your feet all day. // Toms

19. white crocheted Toms- a little sweetness when you need comfort and your regular Toms don't really go. // Toms

20. black leggings- great for layering with dresses or tunics, and are cool enough to wear on hotter days when tights are too much. // just about anywhere

a holiday wardrobe like this has endless possibilities! almost every item can be worn with every other one, which is a life saver when you need to fit as much into a carry-on as possible. you could definitely get away with even fewer than 20 items if you want to wear the same outfit twice (or more). the best part about all these things is they're mostly lightweight, small items, so it's a great use of space. 

here are some of my favourite outfit combos from the list above, just as examples:

I hope this inspires you to be a more efficient holiday packer! more importantly.. I hope it inspires me. :) 
happy travels / travel planning! 

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raindrops on roses & whiskers on kittens

hello again, bloggerinos, and welcome to a whole new week!
how do they keep flying by so fast?
not that I'm about to complain, because the sooner this week is over the sooner I'm off on my European jaunt. and we all love a little jaunting now and then.
(that was not meant to sound as dirty as it does.)
I'm going to have to start wearing days of the week underpants to keep better track of time.

dress + scarf- vintage fr. etsy // blazer- topshop // shoes- seychelles

I'm pretty sure nothing makes me happier than vintage dresses. ok, not nothing... puppies, friends, red wine, Brando... but they're pretty high on the list. I got this one from an amazing etsy shop called Gogo Vintage AND the best part is they were lovely enough to send a free vintage scarf with my order! and no, I'm not "affiliated" with the shop or anything, just a grateful fan! haha so check it out. 

isn't this dress so cute and prairie-girl? I need to find a wheat field to frolic in, asap. 

I also met a new puppy friend! what a sweetie. he came over for cuddles and he was so happy. I love how it kinda looks like he's smiling in the last picture! 

man, I can't wait to move someplace more permanent and get a dog. in the age-old cat vs. dog argument, I am way on the dog side. I had a cat for a bit, and he was crazy. scarred me for life (both literally and figuratively). 
don't get me wrong, I like kitties. I just don't understand or fully trust them. :)

which probably says more about me than I realize, cause I feel like every great blog girl lives in a city, has redic photography skills, and has a cat. 0 for 3 on that one. 

so we've covered underpants, dresses, fields, and kitties in one post. I think that's enough for today, boys and girls. thanks for navigating my hummingbird subconscious thus far. and goodnight!

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wanna go to the seaside?

I've had this blog for a while now. relatively, I mean. over three years it's grown and changed just as I have. I'd like to think that I convey a sense of myself fairly accurately in my little corner of the web, but I'm sure some of you feel like you don't know me at all.

for those of you still getting to know me, here's a quick list of some things I love:

1- getting mail
2- sunshine
3- days I don't have to work

so as you might guess, I am extremely happy when all three of these things occur on the same day. wednesday was one of those days.

...betcha thought this was the start of some meaningful, self-affirming post, didn't you?
yeah. nope.

my little sailboat dress finally arrived! I was so happy that I didn't even mind the mail man waking me up with his obnoxiously perky knock at 8:30 in the morning (I am not an early riser, another essential thing you must know about me). 

I had admired this cutie from afar for months before gathering the courage- and the funds- to make her my own. and we are in love. 

hubs and I were out errand-running and coffee-getting in the sunshine when I thought, where better to get outfit photos of a sailboat dress than with a bunch of other boats? so we took a stroll by the harbour.  it's probably the most colourful part of Aberdeen, with all the brightly painted ships and orange safety gear. it worked out pretty well. 

dress- ruche // cardigan + tights- american apparel // belt- fr. a vintage dress // shoes- primark

once we had concluded our little seaside excursion we did a quick grocery run so I could make enchiladas for dinner. I use this awesome recipe I found through pinterest- it's one of my new faves! add some spanish rice and a light beer, and your night will be made. I personally guarantee it. and that is exactly what we did, while watching season three of United States of Tara. incidentally, a good tv show is another major love of mine. 

so you see, wednesday was a good day for me. 
I hope you feel you know me a little bit better now. 

love love!

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the minor fall, the major lift

we're almost at the helm of another weekend, but I still haven't told you much about our last one! or the one before, even. so I have a few pictures to share of our chill, homebody-livin' ways.

it's the simple life, but we like it. ♥

a giant cup of coffee; the best way to start the day, so probably the best way to start the post.
the daily quest to decide what to wear...
pictures from the highly undocumented Easter dinner. do you know how difficult it is to get a turkey in Scotland? very. (ps. that's my friend Billy doin' the carving.) 
self-portrait while waiting for life to happen. 
life, happening! Kaitlin's mama brought us sweet treasures from North America. :)
we went with the "home food" theme and Brando made toutons for us.
a feast of happiness & the simple pleasures.
chillin' with some travel planning.
my future sugar daddy. future because right now I'm the one bringing home the bacon (even though the bacon is very cheap and the gross Scottish version).

this weekend will probably be even less eventful, since I'm working. but I'm sure I'll still find time for coffee and the occasional good company. that's pretty much all we need around here. 

hope you're all enjoying your week! 
peace & chocolate chip cookies. 

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through the trees

one thing that never fails to cheer me up in the rainy spring weather is a cherry blossom tree. we don't have many at home, and I always thought they were so beautiful.

when I was a kid we used to go to our family cabin with my grandparents every summer. I say cabin, but it was more like a "summer house" because it was the house my Grandma grew up in, and it was in town (albeit a tiny village of a town). anyways, our relatives there had a tiny cherry tree orchard, and I always loved seeing it, even though I never liked the cherries. I liked picking them, though. and homemade cherry jelly is delicious.

I think if I ever have a house of my own I want a yard filled with cherry blossom trees. or just live on a city street lined lined with them. they're just the prettiest spring sight.
and cherry jelly is a must.

dress- dorothy perkins // jacket- new look // necklace- fr. Marrakesh // boots- aldo (gift)

this is my other Glasgow outfit. this is basically your typical walk-around day, touristy-stuff, versatile travel outfit. comfy, casual, cute. I've been wearing this jacket everywhere; denim jackets really are perfect for everything. when it's warmer, at least. 

I would also like to note that it is driving me mad that in nearly every photo my hand is in my hair. in case anyone noticed (before I drew unnecessary attention to it now), it's because the wind kept blowing my hair into my face. 

so that's that. 

guess it's back to the daily grind now, folks! happy mondays, but happier tuesdays. 
have a good one! 

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