will you bloom again this spring

I like the idea of it being springtime now; flowers in bloom, longer days, the empty promise of summer... but what spring always takes away from me are my favourite clothes! yes, I'll be happy when I can wear short sleeves and not have to plan all my outfits in three layers. but I will miss velvet and fuzzy linings and festive sweaters.

the thing is, at home the snow sticks around often into May month. so I can wear these things for ages and not stick out like a sore thumb against pastel blossoms and greenery. I bet right now, in Newfoundland, I could wear this exact outfit and look cold.

so this is my last bit of winter over here. I thought it might be my last opportunity to wear this sweater without looking completely ridiculous. I might still have looked a little ridiculous anyway, but what's done is done. it's still supposed to be winter, people. last year at this time I was wading through snow drifts in the streets and fending off blizzards. I need my moment with fair-isle knits.

which, coincidentally, come from Scotland. the North of Scotland. where I currently live. and springtime approaches. what is up with that?

sweater- topshop // skirt- american apparel // tights- we love colors // boots- primark

I also figured these boots wouldn't see much more of the blog till next winter, so I threw them on for good measure. as you can probably tell, I took the "last day of winter" thing and ran with it. not literally of course, running in this would be awful. running on its own is basically awful, but I digress. 

 and please don't be a stickler and point out that the last day of winter is actually on the 20th. 

who knows, maybe the snow is coming. that's what people here keep telling me. whatever happens, it's cool. I'll either get to break out sundresses, or pair this sweater with my velvet skirt. s'all good. 

happy early spring?


Unknown said...

Very pretty little outfit! I love those red tights and your little booties.

brando said...

You look lovely. I'm glad we found the time to get these pictures before it got dark.

Temporary:Secretary said...

this is a lovely outfit, you have great taste in style! xxx

Hattitude said...

Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

oooo i loooove your outfit! you always have such cute things put together. love the tights with the sweater! browns and reds and mustards are my favourites!

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Artistic Style Blog