to put it in a nutshell...

hello happy weekenders!
greetings from sunny Aberdeen. yes, you read that right. Aberdeen was sunny. of course I was at work through most of it, but I'm hoping tomorrow will bring equally joyous weather.

in the meantime, here are some photos of day two in Glasgow!

it was pretty cold on day two, so we spent most of the day doing fun indoor things... like visiting the Kelvingrove museum & art gallery. it's in this big, gorgeous building, and there's lots of interesting art and history and informative exhibits. highlights included the original Salvador Dali painting Christ of Saint John of the Cross (which I have decided is one of my favourites) and learning about the ill-fated elephant mascot Sir Roger ("some soldiers and a man with an elephant gun shot Sir Roger while he ate his breakfast").

after the museum we found this great little cafe called Tribeca, which was New York City themed. hubs claims it's just another sign that we should live in nyc. we had a delicious all-day breakfast, and mine included a poppyseed bagel from heaven; they really need to have more bagels like this one around here. there was also scrumptious cherry coconut cake, and a scone that Brandon just cannot stop talking about.

we topped off the day with an early showing of The Hunger Games before riding the "Glasgow eye" and heading to the train station. it was a pretty great day, although not helped much by the ridiculous train air conditioning that nearly froze my socks off (along with various parts of my body).

Glasgow was buckets of fun (yeah I'm making buckets happen). I would definitely recommend a visit if you're voyaging in the UK. at first I didn't really know what we were gonna do there; it wasn't like other cities I had visited where I had heard of all these things I wanted to see or places I wanted to go. but turns out there's a ton to do, a lot of it is free, and it's generally just a really cool city!

there's great shopping, museums, food, events, and getting around is really easy. we only had to take the subway to get to Kelvingrove, and it was simple and cheap. we had a great time, and only scratched the surface of all the things to explore.

and that, my friends, is our little pre-anniversary trip to Glasgow. in a nutshell.
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brando said...

That scone was seriously amazing, and the little jar of jam that came with it was delicious. I want another one.

amberly said...

These photos take me on the trip with you :) So gorgeous!! Love visiting museums and your skin is glowing, darling!

So wonderful you two could escape to a new place together for a weekend!