something for nothing

this weekend involved a whole lotta nothing!

we're trying to save whatever money we can and get things done around the apartment, so there's not a lot of adventuring going on lately. I was really hoping to get a nice post up over the weekend, maybe some nice photos, but things didn't really pan out. the weather's been pretty rubbish and I'm not feeling very inspired. so I apologize if the posting has been a little lacklustre!

even though it might not translate to the pictures, I really do love this outfit! my parents gave me this amazing modcloth dress last Christmas, and I break it out whatever slightly-fancy occasion I get. this has apparently grown to include lazy sundays and chicken burger dinners. 

anyways, it's got the cutest Eiffel tower print and a perfect retro silhouette. and it's also rather wrinkly from wear... sigh. I'll have to feature it again sometime with better lighting and after a good ironing! 

dress- modcloth (gift) // cardigan- kensie, via envy // belt- new look, off a dress // 
tights- american apparel // shoes- primark

hopefully this week I'll have more luck with the creative process! anybody have fun shoot ideas I can borrow? haha I'm pretty much out. 

hope your weekend was lovely! 

playing: wish you were here- incubus


Maria- CityLaundry said...

those shoes! i'm in love!
and the print on that dress is too cute!

Girl Lilikoi said...

I love the color of your dress. The way you mix it with that vivid cardi and belt is tres chic. Love modcloth!


today i said...

love how the red cardigan stands out in these photos!

Betsy said...

What an adorable print! I love how sweet your photos are... Keep up the good work.

Crystal Haines said...

love the belted cardigan look!! <3

Jamie Rose said...

This is so so pretty! The colors are great and I love the short sleeved cardigan belted over your dress.